Do NOT Forget the Oxygen of the Soul

Do NOT Forget the Oxygen of the Soul

On World Dance Day, the team and artists of the Kala Ashram College of Performing Arts, Udaipur spread the message of the inner ‘sanjeevani’ called rhythm
Do NOT Forget the Oxygen of the Soul

Can Dance help to cure Dementia? It is already being applied there.

Can Dance help to treat Depression? It is being done with the use of ‘Nav-Rasas’.

Can Dance be called Science? Why not, asked Priyanka Bajaj as she cited numerous examples of how music and dance have manifested their power among researchers and scientists who have been busy finding new, and better, ways to solve the problems that have baffled mankind for years.

She was setting the tone of the importance of ‘rhythm’ as the students of the Kala Ashram College of Performing Arts, Udaipur put together a virtual bouquet of musings, ideas and examples of how dance is an important rejuvenating tool used all across the world, in various forms.

This bouquet included genres like Sufi, Arabian Tanoura, Irish tap, Tandav, Contemporary and many folk styles – and of course, Kathak experimented in various forms. It was a quick, but inspiring, glimpse of why, in every century, and in every part of the world – music and dance have always emerged as saviours, fighters and healers.

As Director and Guru Dr. Saroj Sharma explained through poignant examples and poetry, “We have to recognise the significance of internal body and spiritual rhythm as we battle with Covid. This phase should teach us the healing powers of dances like Kathak. These forms are full of meditative potential and they align our mind, body and spirit in the right rhythm. This is a ‘Sanjeevani’ that we should cultivate in our lives on a daily basis and not just look for short-term answers to any pandemic. The pandemic may have spread in a few days but it found a fertile ground that humanity laid for it through its lifestyle, habits and ignorance much before that. Let us not repeat those expensive mistakes. Let us invoke the power of Dance the way we leveraged the power of Yoga. India has another strong answer brought from its legacy and wisdom to help the world. This time it is - Dance.”

Dr. Dinesh Khatri – Chairman and Trustee, Kala Ashram Foundation, Udaipur echoed these thoughts and advised everyone to do everything seriously. “Whether it is dance or work, if you do not immerse yourself, you are not only ‘not using’ all the potential of your brain but you are also creating a gap. Do everything deeply. That’s another form of immunity.”

And immunity is what we need the most today – not for one day, and the next day, but for life.

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