“Ghoomar” to encourage Indian culture among young women

“Ghoomar” to encourage Indian culture among young women

Let's perform "Ghoomar" to bring back cultural values among young girls.

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“Ghoomar” to encourage Indian culture among young women

A dance programme “Ghoomar” will be organised in Bedla on 6th January, 2019 wherein 2000 women will perform Ghoomar in traditional Rajputi style. The ladies will be decked in Rajputi attire and will also display their sword handling skills.

Young girls are forgetting Indian culture and are more inclined towards western culture. To bring back the younger generation into the folds of Indian culture, 2000 women will perform Ghoomar dance in Dhakar garden at Bedla. The programme is being organised by “Roshni”Sanstha. Harjit Sarangdevot of “Roshni” said that it is extremely important that young girls give more importance to Indian culture. They are showing interest in western culture which is not a good sign. To draw the younger generation back into the folds of Indian culture and values, Ghoomar is being organised. Ladies irrespective of class or creed will be participating in this performance. Women from other states will also get dressed in Rajputi attire and perform this traditional dance.

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The event will also have some series of competitions. The programme will begin at 9 a.m. and continue until 5 p.m. Sword-handling skills and turban tying are among the competitions. Girls from the age of 5 to 12 will walk the ramp in traditional Rajputi attire. There will be prizes for best smile, best jewellery, best attire etc.

Mother-daughter competition is another highlight of the event wherein the mother-daughter duo will be required to dress up exactly the same. Even the make-up will have to be similar. Since every mother sees her own childhood in her daughter, this competition will hold a very special importance.

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