International COVID CARE WEBINAR on 4 October - Medical care, Child Care, Mental Health and Diet

International COVID CARE WEBINAR on 4 October - Medical care, Child Care, Mental Health and Diet

A team of doctors and nutritionists get together on a virtual platform to address medical care, mental health, child care and nutrition concerns during the COVID 19 pandemic. 
International COVID CARE WEBINAR on 4 October - Medical care, Child Care, Mental Health and Diet

An international webinar on COVID Care Health Series is being organised under the auspices of the Association of Indian Journalists. The event is being initiated and coordinated by the Udaipur chapter of the association.

This event will be held live on Google Meet at 6pm Indian Standard Time on Sunday, 4 October.

Speakers - Dr DP Singh - ex Principal of RNT Medical College, Udaipur; Dr RL Suman - Medical Superintendant, MB Government Hospital, Udaipur; Dr. Miqdad Hussain Bohra, Associate Professor at University of Toronto and Dr Ridhima Khamesra, Nutritionis and Dietician.

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Gist of the Webinar

Over the last 6 months and more, the global pandemic has given us new lessons in managing our health. Life has led us to a new normal, which was unforeseen and largely unexpected. Professional aspects, aspirations, work culture, schooling, psychlogy and perpective towards living and leading a natural life have undergone a tremendous change.

However, with all that is said in media and in peer group discussions or in interactions with our doctors, family and friends, at one end we have seen helpful advices, while on the other hand a substantial misleading information has passed our minds - leading to confusion and stress.

Special discussions on how to take care of lungs even after one is cured of COVID, the research and medical care for such patients; identifying sleep patterns and the impact of sleep apnea during COVID, impact on health of children who are subjected to online learning 8 hours a day and nutrition and dietary requirements, will be a part of the event.

Association of Indian Journalists, a pan India body of professional journalists and related media people have come together to program an international webinar across multiple concern areas, viz. medical inputs on COVID care, child care when it comes to online learning, mental health and importance of sleep during the pandemic and nutrition & diet management.

Speakers include senior medicine practionists Dr DP Singh and DR RL Suman from Udaipur, Psychiatrist Dr Miqdad Hussain Bohra from Toronto, Canada and nutritionist and dietician Dr Ridhima Khamesra from Udaipur, India.


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