Kumbhalgarh Festival from 1st to 3rd December

Kumbhalgarh Festival from 1st to 3rd December

3-day Kumbhalgarh festival begins from 1st December.

Kumbhalgarh Festival from 1st to 3rd December

Kumbhalgarh Festival is taking place between 1st and 3rd December. Public can enjoy cultural fusion at historical fort Kumbhalgarh on these dates.

Rajasthan Tourism organises this 3 day festival remembering the artistic tastes of Rana Kumbha who was passionate towards art and architecture. This year the festival will have a fusion of basic Indian classical and Rajasthani folk. This fusion will make the crowds drool.

Kalbeliyas and Langas of Rajasthan, Terahtaali and even Kachchi Ghodi and Odissi dancers will thrill the audiences with their performances. Foreign tourists will get a taste of Indian classical music in its purest form. Classical dances like bharatnatyam etc. will also add to the beauty of the festival.

Kumbhalgarh Festival from 1st to 3rd December

Competitions will be held for the public wherein tying the turban will be the greatest attraction. Prizes will be given to the one tying the turban beautifully in the least possible time. Puppet shows and puppet style dance by the local artists is sure to take the audience by surprise.

Programs will be as follows:

1st December: Rajasthani Folk Fusion – Gair, Terahtaali, Langa, Kalbeliya, Kachchi Ghodi will be performed altogether on stage. After this Odissi Dance will be performed by Kavita Mohanti.

2nd December: Classical Dance fusion – Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, KuchiPudi, MohiniAttam. All artists will be on stage at the same time. The theme for this classical performance is based on “Vande Mataram”.

3rd December: Flute and Sarod – Bansuri Vadan by Ronu Majumdar and Sarod by Dev Jyoti Bose. These two eminent artists will present a jugalbandi on stage.

Kumbhalgarh Festival from 1st to 3rd December

The three day festival is sure to enthral people especially tourists. Witnessing fusion between Indian classical and Rajasthani folk is going to be an experience in itself.

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