"Pedal to Jungle-4" begins on 11th February

"Pedal to Jungle-4" begins on 11th February

The cycling event  based on jungle and tribal theme will be joined by cyclists from all over India.
"Pedal to Jungle-4" begins on 11th February

-Pedal to Jungle-4 is the first of its kind event in the pandemic era.

-The 4-day event will have cyclists from all over India.

-The event will begin from Rayta village in Udaipur and end at Polo Forest Jungle, Gujarat.

Giving relief to the masses from stress and depression in the pandemic era, the forest department and Green People Society are organising Pedal to Jungle-4 from 11th February. This is the 1st event that people can enjoy physically in the pandemic times. Until now a lot of events had to happen in the virtual form, but the cycling event is going to give relief to the environment lovers as they ride through the jungle.

The theme of this 4-day cycling event is forest and tribal based where cyclists from around the country will be participating and the tourism department is doing its best to promote the event. 30 participants are likely to come from Mumbai, Chennai, Nagpur, Kota, Assam, Delhi, Mangalore, Gurugram, Gandhinagar and Jodhpur and of course Udaipur.

The cyclists will get a good view of the forest and they will be able to witness tribal activities as well.  The event will begin on 11th Feb. from Rayta village in Udaipur and end at Vijaynagar’s Polo Forest. The cyclists will also pass through Wild Life Sanctuary in Phulwari ki Naal.

Because of the protocols to be followed during the pandemic era, all safety measures have been taken care of. Each cyclist will be provided with separate individual tent for stay in the forest. A distance of 160 kilometres will be covered in this 4th part of the event. The route will be as follows:

Cycling will begin from Rayta to Gorana Dam on 12th Feb where night stay has been planned at Gorana Dam. Then the next day on 13th Feb, from Gorana to Badrana, Ogna, Birothi and then night stay at Panarwa. On 14th Feb, it will begin in the morning from Panarwa to Vijaynagar via Naalva and Daiya.

In the part 1 of the Pedal to Jungle, cyclists covered 175 kms from Udaipur to Jaisamand to Arampur in Sitamata Sanctuary. Part 2 had a 200 km route from Udaipur to Jaisamand to Jakham Dam. Part 3 had 160 km route from Udaipur to Gogunda, Kumbhalgarh and then Ranakpur.

Part 4 will enable the cyclists to witness tribal life quite closely and this is going to be real adventurous trip taking the people’s minds away from the tragic events to some extent in the pandemic era.

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