Srajan-The Spark| Making a difference in people's lives

Srajan-The Spark| Making a difference in people's lives

Kick off depression in the pandemic era
Srajan-The Spark| Making a difference in people's lives

The organisation aims to pull people out of their depression through music on their facebook page which has already benefitted a lot of people. 

The world was going on at its own pace with Mother Earth blessing her children as ever. A sudden strong jerk took the entire planet by storm and this created terror and havoc among the humans. Beginning November 2019, heart rendering news started creating rounds and every heart was in for the worst. Depression ruled over by March 2020 in a way that no one had ever imagined and this became a never-ending cycle. No over had ever dreamt of this reel-like-story becoming a part of real life. 

Spreading its wings in Wuhan in China, this pandemic started ruling the world in the most unimaginable, unthought-of circumstances. People were forced to stay locked within the four walls of their houses which gradually gave the feeling of being behind bars. The public forgot what it meant to live, the routines got disturbed and unemployment prevailed. There was also scarcity of food and the basic necessities.  People of all ages, caste and creed suffered and the situation multiplied towards disaster.

All fingers were crossed with the feeling “This too shall pass”, but in vain. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months but the dark era didn’t seem to end. With people getting infected by this virus termed as “corona”, too many succumbed to this infection and the series of pain continued to flow in the families turning their world upside down. This was real disaster, an unavoidable situation, an unbeatable bitter truth of life that was giving out only sobbing sounds turning into wailing that pained the souls of the near and dear ones. And this would hurt people in the coming times as this is not an unforgettable situation.  History would never be able to write it off.

It has definitely been said that the dark era also brings in angels...angels that help heal the world, mentally, physically and spiritually. Some angels were meant to do this in Udaipur city as well, as this city of lakes, the city of beauty, art, culture, heritage, brotherhood and humanity deserves to be cured even if it is a small gesture of any kind. They say that small gestures are somehow remembered much more than the bigger ones as one small step leads to hope and the beginning of hope cannot be daunted when the gesture comes from kind hearted, sensible and generous people. These people have made a difference in the lives of many through their “small gesture”.

Srajan-The Spark” came forward to help people through their small healing gestures and humanity in their hearts. The guiding light, the chief patron Prasann Khamesra (IG), music flows in whose veins, came forward to create a difference in the lives of people. It was decided to bring forward all the people, all the artists who believed that music heals. Of course, music heals a lot of things and this was the best situation that could not be missed, healing the covid hit people through music was certainly a genuine thought.

People connected for this great effort and live musical session followed on the facebook page. This memorable team headed by ghazal singer Ahmed Hussain has some very popular faces with a love and passion for music. Mohammed Hussain, Dr Rajkumar Rizvi, Anup Jalota, Rajesh Singh(IRS), Dr Prem Bhandari, Musafir M, Ahmed Raza and a huge list comprising of the shayars Shakeel Azmi, Shakeel Jamali, Ajay Pandey (IRS), Alok Srivastsava, Anil Srivastava, Don Mistry, Amrit Kalash (IPS), Dinesh Kataria, Shailesh Lodha, Padam Bhushan awardee flutist Ranu Majumdar, Padam Bhushan percussionist Shiv Mani, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi dancers and many more joined hands to perform live to create a difference. The performances have been widely loved and appreciated and people are fascinated by Srajan-The Spark.

Depressions, sadness etc. are now being forgotten and slowly dissolving under the influence of music and its various forms of depiction. People are so relieved that they look forward to programmes like these and keep enquiring about the next “healing musical session”.

By November 2020, more than 102 live shows have been conducted and have gone viral with its reach among 20 lakh plus audiences. This is one of its own kinds of a show that has created history by healing people through live performances.

Srajan-The Spark has been organising its sessions to heal the world with people from India and its supporters and artists from America, Canada, England and Dubai. The artists are keen to create a healthy and peaceful mind for the covid affected world and their efforts are never ending.

A platform has been provided to artists from round the world via the facebook page of Srajan-The Spark and this is also a source of employment for many. The platform has gained a lot of popularity in the past 7 years as "जश्न ऐ परवाज़" एक सुकूं where the artists have been awarded with lifetime achievement awards. Famous singer Usha Mangeshkar, musician Anand ji, lyricist and poet late Yogesh ji, musician duo Anand-Milind, singer Roop Kumar Rathod and the popular television singer actor Shailesh Lodha have been the recipients of this award.

Srajan also aims to bring back the lost art, gives opportunities to upcoming talents and also encourages them by awarding them through 6 various categories. Srajan does not aim to create an extensive platform for the upcoming artists, it basically encourages them and they become known to the public in no time. Srajan-The Spark expresses its unending gratitude towards Hindustan Zinc Ltd. without whose support the platform could not have taken a good shape.

After its huge success and its popularity among the public, and with after understanding the objectives of Srajan,  Vikram Khinchi –MD Bank of Baroda, one of the most reputed banks of the country,  extended his support to this organisation for which we are extremely thankful. We pay our gratitude to Vikram Khinchi and Bank of Baroda for their commendable support and welcome them to our family.

The main objective in the present times remains-Healing people through music and other performances which can turn off depression and create a healthy mind and body. Peace of mind is the need of the hour. Srajan will continue to do this. After all that is what Srajan means and the Spark shall continue!!

(Author: Abbas Ali Bandookwala (Translated by: Monika S))

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