Wedding expenses : How genuine are they?

Wedding expenses : How genuine are they?

Expenses incurred for weddings have gone beyond imagination.

Wedding expenses : How genuine are they?Whether the expenditure on theme weddings is genuine or not is a big question in my mind. After I put in my thoughts here, I am sure I will be hurting sentiments of many. But the point still remains in question. How genuine are the wedding expenses in today’s date?

The country is facing poverty. Now please don’t ask the statistics. The concept of wedding being once in a life time need not be brought out here as we all know that it is not a truth anymore. I may be sounding bitter, but then it is a fact.

Weddings happen and will happen. We cannot stop a wedding from happening. We can certainly stop those expenses that are carried out for theme weddings. I can understand that people love theme weddings. They have so much become a part of fashion that people pay exorbitant amount on them. Well, each to his own…but I am one of those ‘unique ones’ who is against these expenses. I feel that the money spent can be put to right use in some or the other way.

I recall a comment that one aged couple gave, during a theme wedding that I attended just a few years back. They were doubtful of the couple since they were both from different religions. Now since it was an expensive theme wedding, the old lady simply sighed, “What if…?” and looked at her husband who was trying to feel cosy in his jacket in the lawns of that hotel where this theme wedding was going on. Since it was based on some snow story, there were no fire places created in that area and the couple was close to freezing.

Coming back to the comment, the old man, too, sighed… “It will go waste and then they will have a quiet second wedding ceremony elsewhere…the way we imagine a wedding to be”. The old man sounded as negative as the wife but then there was bitter truth in their words. That “What If” certainly is important and we don’t want to think of it when we arrange lavish events for our children’s weddings. Let us pray that all married couples stay happy, but seriously what if they decide to part ways…waste…memories go happy to dark. Those albums and CDs would go in the bin. That dress as per the theme would be of no use (you might want to burn it…alas).

Wedding expenses : How genuine are they?

I don’t appreciate a theme wedding…I prefer to give those extra bucks away to some child care home or to someone who needs to invest in some business or keep some of it as FD for my financial security…for my retirement years…or give it for the benefit of a water treatment plan or provide education to the ones who can’t afford it.

There are so many things that we can do. Stop wasting is what I would like to appeal to all.

Not just theme weddings, but variety in food is also a cause of my concern. It is such a wastage to have too many dishes on the menu. The fact is that people don’t go complaining about the amount they pay on this menu. Nor do they admit that they know it is a huge wastage. They do not even admit that they have seen people tasting food and leaving plates full of food in the bin and that their heart pains to see all this. One corner of their heart says there goes one more as waste but they need to stick that smile on their face. Half the food that goes as waste can fill the stomachs of poor.

All this needs to end. One might not appreciate my feelings here, but then these are facts that we do not want to admit.

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