Which one can you afford to miss?: Complete Synopsis of 45 Movies at Udaipur International Film Festival

Which one can you afford to miss?: Complete Synopsis of 45 Movies at Udaipur International Film Festival

At the Udaipur International Film Festival (UIFF), to be organized on 15th and 16th September, 47 national and international movies will be shown.

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Which one can you afford to miss?: Complete Synopsis of 45 Movies at Udaipur International Film FestivalAt the Udaipur International Film Festival (UIFF), to be organized on 15th and 16th September, 47 national and international movies will be shown.

Below mentioned is the synopsis and duration of Feature Films, Documentaries and Short Films from various countries which will be shown in the Film Festival.

1. Dilli Sushmit Ghosh & Rintu Thomas / 00:25:00 / India / Documentary

Synopsis- DILLI is a moving collection of heartfelt interviews with Delhi slum dwellers. Its lens focuses on a group of dwellers, bringing to life the untold story of mass exodus of thousands who were bulldozed from their homes and transferred to a makeshift facade – Bawana without water, shelter or drainage, while the city was being beautified for ‘Commonwealth Games 2010.’

2. Protect the Nation C. R. Reisser/ 00:16:00/ Germany / Documentary

Synopsis- In the spring of 2008, a shocking wave of xenophobic attacks against foreign immigrants spread across South Africa, leading to the deaths of sixty-two people and the displacement of over 40,000.

“Protect the Nation” is a humble and tender look inside the struggles of a community and the consequences of greed, miscommunication and hate. When faced with the unexpected kindness of a stranger, a young boy begins to question himself. Does he have the courage to do what’s right?

3. Mr. Rich Aaron Southgate / 00:08:00 /Australia / Short

Synopsis- Mr. Rich tells us the story of a man who cannot lose. But now, he finds himself engaged in a game from which there is no escape at all

4. Open doors (Khule Darwaje) Ashish Pandey/ 00:15:00/ India/ Short

Synopsis- Images from the past help ‘Tara’ to cope up with her present, which is devoid of any contact with the outer world. But for how long can this self-deception keep the body and soul together?

5. Sex Kya Hota Hai? Jugal Kishor Tayal/ 00:09:30/India/ Short

Synopsis- “Sex Kya Hota Hai?” (What’s Sex?) is a short satire on parents approach towards the children’s world. We all went through a face in our childhood wherein we often felt that we’re always misunderstood by our parents. But what we never realize is that after becoming parents, we look at our kids the same way our parents used to look at us. Yes we do always remember our childhood memories but we just never learn from it. Sure it is quite difficult to be a parent but being a kid isn’t easy either.

6. The Road Home Rahul Gandotra/ 00:21:00/ UK/ Short

Synopsis –Bullied for insisting he is British despite his Indian heritage, ten-year old Pico runs away from boarding school in the Himalayas, determined to return to his home in England. As he journeys through a landscape unknown to him, Pico encounters others who mistake him for an Indian boy, forcing him to face the painful truth that the world does not see him the way he sees himself.

7. Bluetooth Suresh Triveni/ 00:14:00 / India / Short

Synopsis –Based on the idea of imitation, and how children copy their parents’ actions, the film starts in a principal’s room, where we see 2 young boys, along with their teacher. Prateek and Aamir look sullenly on as the Principal enters and chastises them for their behavior. Aamir, who looks more victimized, bursts out into tears, accusing Prateek of having called him a bad word. At this point, Mr Sharma, Prateek’s father enters the tense room. He immediately becomes defensive, blaming the school for Prateek’s problems and displaying extremely careless behavior. As they travel back in the car, they get into an accident with a rickshaw driver – the fault clearly being Mr Sharma’s, as he was on the mobile instead of concentrating on the road. He immediately slaps the rickshaw driver and……

8. Maritime Silk Road Mohammad Reza Bozorgnia/ 02:10:00/ Iran/ Feature

Synopsis – It is eleventh century. A student of Astronomy in Dar-ol-Elm in Shiraz, Shazan Bin Yousef takes a job as a ship’s writer. He begins his journey to the unknown land of the sun, China, in company of two veteran captains in two sailing ships. He writes the books of his travels; the travels which are changing his life and marking his destiny.

9. Hamster Heaven Paul Bolger/ 3 Minutes. /Ireland / Animation

Synopsis –Two hamsters. One cage. She is sleepy. He is concerned. When she does not wake up, and is laid to rest in rubbish, he is left alone. Refusing to give up on her he finds a way to follow her. After a brief moment of desperation in a desolate place he finds her alive and well. They rekindle their romance and set off in search of adventure in their brave new world.

10. Facepack Gaurav Panjwani/ 00:16:00/ Rajasthan/ Short

Synopsis – How far would you trust a relationship?? Facepack unfolds, a sensitive journey of three people, who are struggling very hard to find out the truth of their identity in relationship ….What if, If they come to know the hard fact about “Their Real Faces”, which is called “Facepack”!! Social networking, homosexuality, youth addiction & trust are the key elements.

11. The Jar Mr. Ali Ahmadi/ 00:12:50/ Iran/ Animation

Synopsis –‘The Jar’ is a simple story of two children with a genuine routine. They timely wake up in the morning and go to school and attend their scheduled classes. They use a jar to carry the water to their school. The events portrayed in the film show how the jar carried by the children to the school eventually broke down.

12. Kamera Nijo Johnson/00:15:00/India/Short

Synopsis-The film is about an unfortunate, no identity child born in the slums, who works in city garbage collection dump, named Arjun. He lives with his mother Savitri. Arjun strongly believes in positive and wants to make everyone around him smile including his mother who is handling all the pressures of being an illegal immigrant and whose husband has left them one cold night and has not returned since. One day Arjun finds an old camera piled away in the garbage. Soon he and his friend get rejoiced finding such a marvelous ‘gift’. What happens after this is yet to find out. The story inspires to take motivation from the least expected happiness in everyday life.

13. Al Guant tu bilif (Ai guant tu bilif) Daniel Valencia / 00:04:35/ Spain/ Short

Synopsis- Smith is a humble pastor with two passions in life: goats (professionally speaking) and contact with aliens. In his “Area 51” particular cabin, and withrudimentary methods try to achieve a

Meeting of the Third Kind…

Is there life on other planets? “The truth is out there? Are there aliens? Escampa”is late?

The answer to this and other Pegunta more in this tragicomic tale of science fiction…

14. Avenue De France Didier Blasco/ 00:10:44/ France/ Short

Synopsis-Kamal, wearing jeans, a black leather jacket and a four days’ beard, is peacefully walking in the street to send his baby to sleep. After a police check, he ends up accused of having stolen, his own child. An ordinary evening in France: suspicion and denial of justice, life under lock and key, behind the video surveillance camera

15. The Last Tiger Raghunath K. Shriramwar/ 00:07:41/ India/ Animation

Synopsis– An old man and his grandson visit the zoo. The little boy is very keen to see a real tiger. But the tiger’s enclosure is empty. They go to the zoological museum where models of extinct animals are on display. Here, the little boy gets to see the tiger’s skeleton! The shock takes the man back to his younger days, when he was a hunter and had inadvertently shot down “the last tiger”. The film shows, how he or man, is today responsible for the extinction of many species of the natural world.

16. Katthi Sengoda Mohan/ 00:11:44/ India/ Short

Synopsis- Knife thrower throws knife on his wife as a part of the show. All goes well until his knife kills his wife. Is it a planned murder or an accident? This short film probes in to the betrayal and guiltiness of human temperament.

17. 1937 Svetozar Golovlev/ 00:18:00/ Russia/ Short

Synopsis- 1937. A young couple is going to a village somewhere outside Moscow to baptize their child secretly. They see a train with convicts passing by the station they just arrived at. Suddenly a letter falls out of one of the cars. The main characters understand that it is a letter home. The follow-up boils down to painful struggle between their conscience and fear. They are well aware that helping the letter reach the addressee will be regarded as collaborationism, for which they may be prosecuted.

18. Son of Babylon Mohamed Al Daradji/ 01:30:00/ Iraq/ Feature

Synopsis- Northern Iraq, 2003. Two weeks after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Ahmed, a 12-year-old boy begrudgingly follows in the shadow of his grandmother. On hearing news that prisoners of war have been found alive in the South, she is determined to discover the fate of her missing son, Ahmed’s father, who never returned from the Gulf war. From the mountains of Kurdistan to the sands of Babylon, they hitch rides from strangers and cross paths with fellow pilgrims, on all too similar journeys.

19. Bawra Mann Mitu Kumar/ 00:24:00/ India/ Short

Synopsis – An aspiring intellectual writer is thrusted with the task of writing a pulp fiction erotic novel to begin his career. As he writes, we see the world he is writing about. How his out of the box thinking (personified by his fictional character) clashes with his conventional thinking and how he fights his personal demons as he progresses with his novel, all leading to the unexpected twist in the end.

20. The Eternal Raga Siddharth Ojha/ 00:30:00/ India/ Documentary

Synopsis– Santosh, a trained classical vocalist living in Jamshedpur city, desires of achieving something in this very profession. He wants to earn living for his family by this profession but fails miserably. He is forced to do every possible odd job, be it construction work or iron fabrication. It is just because he couldn’t survive taking classical music as his profession. One of the drawbacks in his life is his education; he has studied till class 9 only. He also has low vision through one of his eyes.

21. Time Out Rikhil Bahadur/ 00:12:42/ UK/India/ Short

Synopsis-Timeout is a story about the coming of age of a thirteen year old boy, curious about his new found attraction towards girls, who looks to his brother and his friends and ends up learning an important lesson in life.

22. Our Future Sanatomba AC/ 00:10:25/ India/ Documentary

Synopsis-The film deals with the serious subject of education in India and how despite several measures for millions of children the dream of formal education is miles away from reality. The film tells how due to the lack of peace in the domestic atmosphere and absence of teachers in the school is ruining the prospects of our nation. On one side we are promoting ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan’ and on the other side a girl despite of willingness to go to school unable to do the same.

23. Ringa Ringa Roses Varun Tandon/ 00:02:15/ India/ Documentary

Synopsis- “Every child comes with a message that god is not yet discouraged of man” this quote by Guru Dev Rabindranath Tagore best exemplifies what the film “Ringa Ringa Roses” stands for.

24. Grub Annalise Wimmer/ Animation

Synopsis- Mother may know best, but in a case of mistaken identity, a mother’s love may do more harm than good, especially if her child is not even of her species. In Grub, we meet a fly who tries desperately to feed a larva she is convinced as her own. She eventually succeeds while remaining blissfully unaware of the consequences…

25. To Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Vrinda Kapoor/ 00:10:35/ India/ Short

Synopsis-how do you feel when something in life is left incomplete? Think about it over and over again until it reaches a level of madness… Amrit Singh, a 75 year old man is stuck with such an incomplete wish which haunts him till old age until he finds an outlet to it… but the wish still remains incomplete and always will.

26. My Home town Terry Tompkins &Jerry Levitan/ 00:07:00/ Canada/ Animation

Synopsis- Imagine empowering children around the world to change the world. Conflict, disease, disaster and suffering altered by making it so in your mind. Yoko Ono’s message of positive internationalism makes everyone responsible to design their hometown and respect the hometown of others.

27. Rimily…the Sky Subrato Kar/ 00:12:10/ India/ Short

Synopsis- Rimily, a girl of seven years, is the resident of an old, traditional house in one of the pockets of the city. Rimily feels very lonely and thirsts for the company of someone very close to her. This house is a nurturing ground for pigeons and from a long time innumerable pigeons reside here. One day she started to heal a wounded pigeon and there after a hearty relation grows among them. The mother pigeon founds this very much humanistic on Rimily’s part and thus she continues to draw her affection.

28. The Tigers, they are all dead Reema Sengupta/ 00:14:00/ India/ Short

Synopsis- ‘The Tigers, They Are All Dead’ is a political satire. It is a panoramic reaction of Mumbai to the death of India’s last tiger under undisclosed circumstances. The protagonist of the film, a 3 year old child, tries all he can to bring back his favorite animal while everyone else, from politicians and policemen to religious leaders, react in their own idiosyncratic ways to the incident. The short film addresses important issues right from discussions on 24-hour news channels, terrorism, media saturated nature of our world, hypocrisy of those in power and the desensitization of the people of a city that has taken too many hits to care anymore.

29. Mombatti Puneet Prakash/ 00:21:00/ India/ Short

Synopsis-The film tries to take you in the life of the family of an ignored policeman who died in the line of duty.Pintu, a 10-year-old boy from a small village in the interiors of India takes his father, a policeman as a hero. He dies in a confrontation with Naxalites.He is very disappointed when he sees on television how the Shaheeds of 26/11 attacks in Mumbai are given respect and their families are honored while his family and father are being ignored by the society and the system.What will Pintu do? Will he come to the terms with the ignorance of the society for his family’s sacrifice, will he fight back or will he do something that nobody ever expected from a 10-year-old boy.

30. Dirty Laundry Stephen Abbott/ 00:16:00/ South Africa/ Short

Synopsis-It’s 1:08 AM and Roger is doing his laundry at ‘The Wishy Washy.’ For Roger this is mere routine, but tonight there’s something strange in the Laundromat’s water. Before the night is out Roger will be abused by a middle-aged philandering businessman, subjected to severe scrotal attack by a short angry man, mistaken for a B-grade spy in a bathrobe, severely beaten, and finally be scowl at by amorous teenagers. And all Roger wanted was a 40-degree rinse and a mild spin cycle.

31. Mehrooni Faraz Ali/ 00:09:23/ India/ Short

Synopsis-“Mehrooni” is the journey of one such sweater, each strand of wool bound in the pure, true love of an regular, unexceptional couple. Every face in the crowds of Mumbai has a story to tell, and this is one of them. This couple next-door may not be Romeo and Juliet, but they are a perfect example of love’s struggle to survive in this ever-changing city of Mumbai – where even life moves just regularly as a clock, or as the local train network.

32. The Train Jayaraaj/ / India/ Feature

Synopsis –‘The Train’ is inspired by true incidents happened in the metro city, Mumbai in India. Anti terrorist squad Assistant commissioner Kedharnath had a bitter experience of a terror attack and he lost his wife and a child. So he was always suspicious about almost everybody.

This story happens in a day of time when terrorist gangs planned to attack Mumbai by planting explosives in different trains. As an efficient police officer Kedharnath follows the gang leader and tries to protect the whole city. Simultaneously, the story goes with four other people who choose to travel in the local transport system which costs their valuable lives.

33. The April Chill Tornike Bziava/ 00:15:00 / Georgia/Short

Synopsis- At 4 o’clock in the morning, on April 9th 1989, Soviet troops violently crushed a peaceful demonstration in Tblisi, Georgia.

34. Paths of Hate Damian Nenow/ 00:10:00/ Poland/ Animation

Synopsis- A gray clouded sky is the setting for an ultimate combat. Two planes cut through the winter air, fly at breathtakingly high-speed reckless maneuvers above snow-covered mountains and icy lakes. Two pilots, driven by blind fury, chase each other and thereby write cryptic messages of madness into the firmament. The eyes of the terrible rivals reflect unquestioning hate; they are ready to cross all limits of aggression. On their way into the abyss they transform into inhuman and distorted creatures that finally become part of the history of hate.

35. Picture Afghanistan Iara Lee/ 00:03:43/ USA/ Documentary

Synopsis- Inside Afghanistan, young photographers are emerging to tell their own stories about life in a war-torn country. Photojournalists from around the world have been sent to Afghanistan to capture the human toll of the war there. However, we rarely see the work of Afghan photographers who can bring a local perspective to what is happening in their country.

36. Fishing under Fire Iara Lee/ 00:03:52/ USA/ Documentary

Synopsis- The Israeli government’s ongoing siege of Gaza has been particularly devastating for Gaza’s roughly 3,000 fishermen. Although international law permits fishing within 20 miles of the Gaza coast, the Israeli navy has for years restricted fishermen to three miles, making a profitable catch nearly impossible. Beyond this, Israeli officials have harassed and humiliated fishermen operating within these illegally allotted limits. As a result, many fishermen have been forced out of work and driven into poverty.

37. Fire In the Delta- The Struggle against Shell in Nigeria Iara Lee/ 00:05:10/ USA/ Documentary

Synopsis- Residents of the Niger Delta continue to struggle for greater benefits from oil extraction in their homeland. Over the last two decades there have been ongoing conflicts over the exploitation and ownership of natural resources in the Niger Delta. This has resulted in a variety of responses, ranging from nonviolent political action to armed groups who battle with security forces over sites of oil production in the Delta. One thing is clear: local residents have benefited little from the extraction of natural resources in their homeland.

38. Breaking the Silence: Congo Week Iara Lee/ 00:03:25/ USA/ Documentary

Synopsis- The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s wealth of mineral resources continues to be a curse. Since militants from Uganda and Rwanda invaded the DRC in the mid-1990s, an ongoing war has claimed an average of 1,500 lives each day. The United States considers both of these neighboring countries to be allies, but it has neglected to effectively pressure them to halt the violence. Meanwhile, American and British corporations profit from the mining of minerals including Coltan.

39. American Social Forum: Guatemala Iara Lee/ 00:04:00/ USA/ Documentary

Synopsis – During the 1980s a military government in Guatemala, supported by the Reagan administration, waged a brutal war that left tens of thousands people dead. Because the military exterminated entire villages of indigenous people in the Guatemalan highlands, the UN-mediated truth and reconciliation commission in 1999 concluded that “acts of genocide” had been committed. Since this age of terror, Guatemalans have struggled for justice to hold responsible those who committed the atrocious crimes.

40. Militarism, Mutilation and Minerals: Understanding the Occupation of Afghanistan

Iara Lee/ 00:10:21/ USA/ Documentary

Synopsis- With so many justifications for why the U.S. continues its occupation of Afghanistan, are there any that are legitimate? One of the major concerns is the plight of women. Many commentators, some of them Afghan women, argue that the presence of coalition forces in their country has allowed them to be more active in politics and civil society. But not all women agree, and many find the country just as dangerous as ever. Furthermore, some believe that, in reality, the U.S. is far more concerned with the nearly $1 trillion worth of untapped mineral deposits that the U.S. discovered in June 2010. This film allows women in Afghanistan to give voice to their reasons for opposing an ongoing occupation.

41. MeherJaan Rubaiyat Hossain/ 01:59:00/ Bangladesh/ Feature

Synopsis- In 1971, during Bangladesh’s war of independence, Meher falls in love with a soldier from the enemy side. When her love is discovered, she is shamed and silenced by her family and society.Today 38 years after the war, Meher has a visitor she cannot turn down. Sarah—a ‘war-child,’ Meher’s cousin Neela’s daughter, who was given away for adoption has come back to piece together her past.Together, these two women must re-tell history through their stories in order to cut through the stigmas and walk into the light.

42. Jungle main Jallianwala Anurag Sharma/ 00:17:00/ India/ Documentary

Synopsis- In India’s freedom struggle Jallianwala incident is considered as one of the biggest sacrifices. So, Jallianwala case has become the idiom of cruelty of the rulers and the sacrifice by the people. At least four hundred people killed in that massacre.However, in the tribal area of South Rajasthan in the midst of a forest on Mangadh mountains English army with seven states massacred more than 1,500 people. This saga of sacrifice occurred in the year 1913,and is considered as one of the biggest sacrifices in the history of freedom struggle.

43. The End Rakesh Gogna/ 00:30:00/ India/ Short

Synopsis- This film is story of a young boy..who has lost everything in his life..and has no hope to gain again it back. Finally he decide to give up and want to give message to today’s generation that never try to cheat someone and there is no real love in this world..no need to trust on someone as all is fake….!!

44. Drishya Diwakar/00:10:00/India/Short

Synopsis –This film is about two patients those are admitted in a hospital. One of them lost his life due to a small mistake by other one. After knowing the reality he feels guiltiness but nothing can happen after losing a good human being for a minor benefit. this film shows mentality of a human being.

45. Tanhaai(Solitude) Mehrdad Sheikhan/00:09:28/Iran/Animation

Synopsis – A stone colossus has lived a lonely life on his barren planet for thousands of years. Worn out by his solitude, he decides to change his fate.

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