9 Best Places to Have Your Breakfast

9 Best Places to Have Your Breakfast

this time we are here to count 9 best places (street food corner) in Udaipur to have your super tangy and tasty nashta/ breakfast.


“Start a day with a break-fast and see yourself winning everything you do whole day”. I don’t know who that gentleman was who said this quote but it works perfect for me and surely most of the people here agree with me too.

Even if McD has never seen a single empty day since they launch in Udaipur’s but street food will remain most favorite for all of us. Despite of all those health, calorie and hygiene issue the taste of samosa, kachori and poha will rule our hearts.

To introduce and honor or whatever you termed it but this time we are here to count 9 best places (street food corner) in Udaipur to have your super tangy and tasty nashta/ breakfast.

This list is no way claiming anyone top in terms of their listing numbers. We selected them by eating their products for long, by the popularity we heard from people around us and by consulting our group of friends and volunteers. If we missed out some, you are welcome to share it in the comment box below.

The list has both pure vegetarian and non vegetarian food items.

The list has only street food vendors and small shops which operates from early morning. All information and photos are gathered by Sayeed Ahmed.

1. Aaloo Paratha

9 Best Places to Have Your Breakfast

Give your day a heavy start with 2 stuffed parathas with a big butter cube swimming in between. To make it a complete heavy breakfast you’ll get bowls of fresh yogurt and lentil soup. If something is still missing then a glass of butter milk will close the whole chapter. Sai Baba Nashta Center is a place best for parathas stuffed with potatoes, cauliflower and radish. It stands unique among several other similar stalls near Gulab Bagh. From last 17 years, Pokharna ji the owner/chef of this stall is serving best parathas with extra large size of butter.

Starts from 8am to 1pm, stands near gulab bagh. 2 parathas with butter costs rs. 30/-

2. Ayad ka Samosa

9 Best Places to Have Your Breakfast

This popular Asian snack has completed long zig-zag historical marathon till it reached the land of Mewar from Arabia to India. Every corner of Udaipur has one or two famous samosa wallas but few of them are unbeatable, “Bohra Ghanpati Mishtan” is top in our list of samosa wala. The magic is not in their samosas but in the hand of an elderly woman Chunni Bai who starts working early morning by making masala and then stuffing into samosa. From last 18 years Chunni bai is following same schedule, says Kanhiya Lal owner of the shop and son of Chunni bai. Good thing about eating samosa here is you’ll get it hot anytime you visit.

Opens at 8am till 9pm, shop at Ayad road, towards Thokar Chauraha.

3. Circle ka Poha

9 Best Places to Have Your Breakfast

Wikipedia calls it Flattened Rice, we call it Poha. One of my favorite morning breakfasts, I believe favorite of many readers here too. Ok if you ask me to get you a best poha around the city then I won’t just show you the place but you have to eat it to decide yourself. In a lush green area of Sukhadia Circle anybody will guide you to find Bhole Nath Nashta Center, a plate of poha sprinkled with lemon, mint and namkeen/farsaan will satisfy your hunger. While having hot pohas just start chatting with Bheru Nath the owner of the stall, he is super friendly-smiling guy.

Opens from 8:30am till 1pm, Sukhadia Circle

4. Lala ki Kachori

9 Best Places to Have Your Breakfast

If samosa is the king of our favorite street food then Kachori is the queen of our tummy’s heart. Hope I didn’t say something over…ok Kachoris are stuffed with different spice and pulses, and when fried, it become puffy, crispy like a dome of happiness. For more than 15 years, Shri Lala Mishtan is serving delicious spicy kachoris and claims top among hundreds of other kachori stalls or shops in Udaipur. The authentic, simple kachoris with a punch of tamarind chutney will give you a spark for rest of the day.

Opens from 9:00am till 7:00 pm. Shop near Asthal Mandir

5. Pandit ji ka Bread Pakoda

9 Best Places to Have Your Breakfast

Nor the list of Indian snacks completes without mentioning pakodas neither your trip to Fatehsagar finishes without having Bread Pakodas. I bet 99% of Udaipur’s youth had the famous Bread Pakora of Pandit ji at Fatehsagar. Bread Pakoda is an advanced version of traditional pakodas, spices with potatoes and onions stuffed between bread slice and deeply fried, you can see the whole process of making it while having your bite at Pandit ji’s stall.

Opens from 9:30am to 10pm at Lake Fatehsagar

6. Lok Kala Mandal ka Vada Pav

9 Best Places to Have Your Breakfast

Many people take Vada Pav as a foreign dish arrived from Maharashtra. But in fact the Vada which we call Aalu Bada is as old as Kachori and Samosa. The difference is only that a Pav is added with Aalu Bada making it known as Vada Pav. And the best Rajasthani Vada Pav of Udaipur is of Mohan Singh’s stall near Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal, the trick of its popularity is amount of spices and herbs added to the vada and the way they fry it till it turn golden brown, the taste of vada pav turns super with a glass full of butter milk.

Opens from 8:30am to 1.00 pm.

7. Delhigate ki Jalebi

9 Best Places to Have Your Breakfast To all sweet-toothed people, if you want to start a sweet- warm day, have some Jalebis at Delhi Gate and you’ll come back again and again, it’s always fresh and served hot. Bhole Mishthan prepares jalebi in vanaspati ghee which is better than any other oil or ghee. It is one of the oldest and most popular places known for its jalebi. Opens at 7.00am till 9pm. Shop: Opp Delhigate Police Chowky


Non Veg

8. Boil “andee” ki Bhurji

9 Best Places to Have Your Breakfast

Scrambled Egg is commonly known but what if it scrambled with boiled eggs? Sounds strange but taste fantabulous, this trend is credited to Jai Kumar’s innovative brain which created this great food stuff – Boil Egg Bhurji. It is now followed by many other egg/omelet vendors but the taste formula is still safe in Jai’s brain. For those who usually skip their lunch, boiled egg bhurji with bread slices will not remind you of hunger till late evening.

Opens from 10:30am till 11.00pm. Near Chetak Cinema, Chetak Circle

9. Boharwadi ke Falafils

9 Best Places to Have Your Breakfast

The one and only place in Udaipur which gives you the taste of Arabian food, it is also the first place where I saw the use of foot-long some 10 years back. They have few things in their menu but all are worth tasting once. Be it mutton kebab, mutton samosa, mutton patis, egg sandwich, kheema sandwich or the great falafils. Fakhri Sandwich is a place you should not miss if you claim to be a big foodie like me.

Opens from 10.00am till 12.00pm and 2.00 pm till 6:30pm. Shop at Boharwadi.

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