Boost your hemoglobin levels, push the "being anemic" title away

Boost your hemoglobin levels, push the "being anemic" title away

Are you always in the category of being considered anemic or pale when you would love to enjoy the status of "pink in health"?
Boost your hemoglobin levels, push the "being anemic" title away

-Women mostly suffer from anemia as their hemoglobin level is low.

-Certain natural food products can help boost hemoglobin level and help you get your strength back.

Have you been feeling fatigued, dizzy, has your skin got that pale look, do you have trouble breathing and also often get headaches? One big reason behind this could be the low level of hemoglobin, iron deficiency,  that is mostly the case with women. Of course men also face this issue, but with women the trouble is really really common. And when people refer to us as anemic, it hurts.

Low hemoglobin results in a person feeling fatigued, may experience headaches very often, heavy breathing and pale skin is also indicated. Women mostly report these issues and usually do not think about consulting a physician as there are various reasons for them which could result in the low levels and they tend to fight it through home remedies and sometimes even ignore which could result in a drop of health in the longer run.

These can be the possible reasons behind low hemoglobin:

  • Diet that does not have enough iron
  • Blood loss due to menstruation in women, ulcers can also cause blood loss, cancer and some other conditions may also result in blood loss which needs to be consulted with a GP at the earliest.
  • Women’s bodies also demand more of iron during pregnancy and this must not be ignored else the level of hemoglobin goes low in the absence of the required iron supply.

A person with a low level of hemoglobin must take diets rich in iron content. But before anything else, a physician must be consulted for the same as we are living in the pandemic era. Also certain other health conditions may also affect the hemo levels which only a physician can diagnose. There are certain foods that can help raise the level of hemoglobin.  

The following can be added to the diet to help gain back the required level which for women has been specified between 12 to 15.5 and for men 13.5 to 17.5 (as verified with a physician). These diets are rich in iron content.

Kidney beans or rajma, beetroot (it has been considered apt to eat beetroot as it helps raise the level at a good rate), whole wheat bread, eggs, fish (esp. tuna), raisins (mostly the black ones known as munakka), red meat also helps but to be consulted with GP before consumption, green leafy vegetables, lettuce, carrots are a few of the products which are easily available in Indian markets. Iron supplements must also be taken as per the GP’s advice.

So what are you waiting for? If you have been facing any of the health symptoms mentioned above, just consult your GP and cure your levels and feel in the pink of health again.

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