Contaminated water used for growing vegetables

Contaminated water used for growing vegetables

Beware-You may be eating vegetables grown with contaminated water.

Contaminated water used for growing vegetables

4 people have been arrested for growing vegetables using contaminated water. As per Pratapnagar police, these 4 men were using the chemically contaminated nallah water for growing vegetables in Kanpur area. It is being said that this is the first time that police has taken action against farmers playing with human life.

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After the arrest of 4 farmers, a chaos occurred among the farmers who were using this dirty water flowing from Ayad River. It may be noted that this water is being used by farmers since a long time and public was not aware of this dangerous act against their lives.

Farmers in Madri, Kanpur, Bhoiyon ki Pacholi, Kaladwas, Lakadwas and other nearby areas have been using this hazardous water for the purpose of irrigation and have been supplying the produce in the market. Police raided Kanpur village after getting information about this poisonous farming. 4 farmers have been arrested as of now and police investigations in other areas are on.

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