Fish fest in Udaipur in January 2020

Fish fest in Udaipur in January 2020

The fish fest is taking place for the first time in Rajasthan.
Fish fest in Udaipur in January 2020
There will be 10 stalls in the fest. Decorative fish will be exhibitted in the aquarium.

Udaipur is going to have yet another 'one of its kind' event in January 2020. This event is fish fest.The 3-day fest is being organised by the Department of fisheries and the College of fisheries. Preparations are on for this unique fest.

The main objective of the fest is to make the people aware of the importance of fish for health in one's diet. The decorative fish will be displayed in the aquarium and there will be 10 stalls wherein people will be able to buy the variety of fish items which include wafers, papad and other snacks from Bengal. Hoteliers, school students, tourists and people in the occupation of buying and selling of fish have been invited for the fest.

Various people will make fish dishes which public can buy. The importance of fish for health in a person's diet will be made known to the people. People will be able to understand about the rearing of fish, the food given to fish and the medicines that are needed for them. Among the edible variety in the fest will be catfish (singada), rohu, catla, mrigal, lanchi, prawns, sanwal, talapiya etc. 

The fest will attract a budget of 9 lakh rupees . As informed by the Assistant Director of the fisheries department, this fest is the 1st of its kind organised by the government. 

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