From Street food to 5 star hotels

From Street food to 5 star hotels

Street food has found a high platform in 5 star hotels

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From Street food to 5 star hotels

Street food has found a high platform in 5 star hotels. All that was once found only on streets and had a great demand as ‘street food’ has been taken to the tables in 5 star hotels satisfying stomach fire.

Trainer Chefs of star hotels said that their cooking techniques and skills have made a place for the so called street food in the kitchens of star category hotels. Even dal, bati and churma have gained international recognition. Indian delicacies are in great demand in international hotels and beat Italian, Thai and Chinese food as well.

Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapoor in Chef Training program at Shouryagarh said that the youth have better opportunities in the field of cooking. Trainee Chefs made extremely sumptuous dishes in this program. Chef Kunal said that homemade food is the best and most healthy food but due to busy schedules people have started eating out very often. Untrained but expert in cooking youth are making use of social media like you tube channels and uploading their recipes and cooking tips. This way they are earning well enough. Former Chef of Taj Hotels Satish Arora said that Indian recipes are a hit in the international market. Even Sushi made in Indian hotels is known for its significant taste.

Chef Sudhir Pai said that he used to travel around a lot for innovative ideas. He says that India has a variety of spices which are also used in Ayurvedic and Allopathic medicines. Shatbhi Basu from Breweries said that Indian Single Malt Whiskey is loved in Europe and other nations. Liquor made in Nasik, Bengaluru and Sholapur is more in demand in foreign countries, so much so that it is almost impossible to buy it in India.

Chef Rohan Sable threw light on the fact that there is enough progress in the cooking industry. Rohan Sircar, Managing Director Shouryagarh resort, said that it was not an easy task inviting master chefs of 14 star hotels for imparting training on the same platform. Master Chefs from Hotel Udai Vilas, Leela Palace, Lake Palace and Master Chefs from Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad appreciated the delicacies of Mewar.

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