Indian food is loved globally. Check why..

Indian food is loved globally. Check why..

The variety, the spices and the cooking styles make Indian food very popular around the world.

indian food

Researchers have gone ahead to state that Indian dishes have ingredients that don't overlap in flavour.

The aroma of Indian culture in every dish makes it special even more. 

Indian food is one of the most popular foods and it probably is at par with Italian food in the list of preferences( as per a study between Indian and foreign foodies). Italian Pizzas and pastas and Indian parathas and pickles…it is all about the taste and the tradition and Indian food is certainly on the hot list.

What makes Indian food so popular and so loved in the entire world? There are many reasons. Indian food is a combination of a variety of herbs, spices and the fact that there is a vast variety in Indian food and the styles of cooking has made it even more loved and preferred.

Indian food has enticing aroma, one that no one can miss… which makes you crave for the bites. Also the styles of cooking one dish differ from region to region. There are many dishes that are served in such a manner that they raise anyone’s appetite.

There are several dishes that have all of whole spices and there are those which do not need those spices at all…yet they taste amazing as the style of cooking makes them special. This also reminds us of the age old saying, “When you cook something with all your love, even the simplest of dish tastes good, but when you cook something half-heartedly then none of the spices can add taste to it.”

The spices, the ghee or the oil, with some dishes that taste good in mustard oil…these make Indian food special. The whole spices or the garam masalas give a unique taste to a variety of dishes. Not to forget, the Indian roti is loved by a lot of people as its aroma when it is cooked is not found in the western countries.

A lot of things cooked by Indians are weather-special. Pakodas or Fritters are a must and just right for the rainy seasons. Hot masala tea served with samosa or kachori or the mirchi ka bhajiya are very common Indian dishes which are a part of the winter, summer, rainy season.

Every region in India has its own specific dishes with a history behind them. The combinations are so amazing that one wonders the hard work put behind every dish as every dish has many ingredients making it so delicious.

Basically, no matter how many varieties you try in other parts of the world, the Indian varieties will be there to stay in your mind and you would want to go back to them.  

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