Is Maggi a healthy food?

Is Maggi a healthy food?

Reportedly Nestlé’s internal documents say that majority of its food products are unhealthy.

Maximum of food products from Nestlé’ fail to meet health standards.

Maggi is one of the products that is not good for health at all.

Maggi-2 min noodles can be found in just every kitchen. Mostly people of all ages prefer maggi as their instant hunger food. Children have also developed the habit of cooking this meal as it only requires water and the rest is all in a packet. But is this food really as healthy as they claim in the advertisements or is this just a marketing gimmick?

If facts are to be believed and they must be believed that maggi is not at all a healthy food. That is one of the main reasons why kids who eat maggi very frequently suffer from stomach ailments and other health issues.            

Push your children towards healthy diets, healthy bites.

As per some internal documents of Nestle, most of its food and drink products do not meet health standards. Reportedly there are almost 70% food products of Nestle that are actually unhealthy and do not meet the recognized definition of health. As per the document, the world’s biggest food company has admitted that some of its food products will never be healthy no matter how many changes they bring into that product. (source tnn)

Now coming back to kids’ favourite maggi, this is one of the food items that was criticized a lot a few years back wherein it was even brought to notice that that food has some chemicals in its tastemaker which can prove to be disastrous for health.

The biggest chemical is the taste enhancer which is monosodium glutamate (MSG) which is extremely risky when consumed very often. The point is that children love to eat maggi very often and since the advertisements claim “good health” with maggi, convincing children about its hazards has become for the parents. Too much of maggi means too much of MSG and that is where the problem starts.

MSG can cause headaches, sluggishness in the body, nausea, numbness in certain people, excessive sweating and also a twitching sensation in the mouth. Instant noodles are pre-cooked noodles that have been steamed and then dried to shorten cooking time. They have preservatives for increasing shelf life. Preservatives are present in the tastemaker as well.

Mostly noodles are made of maida, the constant use of which gives you additional weight and many a times the way it gets deposited in the stomach can give severe stomach aches. So obesity, high levels of cholesterol and a lot of lifelong diseases are linked with the regular consumption of noodles.

Though this is the case with every other noodle variety available in the market, maggi is the one which is widely used in Indian homes and that is the main reason behind talking about maggi.

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