Shakes Delight[ed] my flavor!

Shakes Delight[ed] my flavor!

Shakes Delight American Diner promises you the best ambience for

Shakes Delight[ed] my flavor!

Shakes Delight American Diner promises you the best ambience for living the American Dream with their Menu full of Burgers and Shakes.

I was savoring the much celebrated Pani-Puris at Sukhadia Circle when I caught the bright inviting hoarding of Shakes Delight. Immediately I remembered the article on itself by Kali Garg and suggested my friend to come and try it out. And we did!

With one whiff of the aura that Shakes Delight hits, it makes you helpless with hunger and lust for food. We were astonished by the types of burgers they had to offer and were largely amazed by the flavors of Shakes they had listed.

After being tempted and confused for what seemed like eternity by the 5-star Shake and Dairy Milk Caramel Shake, I ordered the former. My friend was similarly confused between Ferrero Rocher, Galaxy and Toblerone Milkshake. She settled on Toblerone.

Then it was time for some food. We had had our desires already pacified by visualizing the Shakes but we ordered a Mix Veggie Noodles (with Cheese on top) anyway, just in case the Shakes didn’t prove to be filling. It wasn’t until later that we realized that we’d made a mistake!

Milkshakes: Shakes Delight[ed] my flavor!

The shakes arrived one by one appearing to be same. But after one sip each we were proved wrong. The basic cream in both the Milkshakes was, of course, same but the chocolates crushed and added in them were the ones we’d been innocently eating our entire childhood. Toblerones and 5-stars were the not-so-secret ingredient in the Milkshakes.

The milkshakes, as they appear in the picture, were served in very large glasses and were actually quite heavy on the appetite. To top the level of fascination, they were incredibly thick.

Mix Veggie Noodles (with Cheese on top):Shakes Delight[ed] my flavor!

Then we were served our Noodles, with Cheese on top. They were dosed with the regular mix of capsicum, onions and a variety of spices which were futile in making it taste chili, but you can always make it suit your taste by requesting extra toppings of flavors.

Green Apple Fruit Crush:Shakes Delight[ed] my flavor!

The serving staff solemnly greeted us with warm smiles and expectant eyes even though I hadn’t revealed it to them that I was going to write a review on the Restaurant. They helped us pick up a Fruit Crush later; Green Apple Fruit Crush, which in turn helped us relax with all the crammed food. The fruit crush had the flavor of Green Apple generously mixed in Soda.

The bill came out to be a moderate 260 rupees, which is quite reasonable comparing to the quantity and quality they had to offer. Not to mention the Eminem, Akon and Rihanna songs to trick the brain into falling in love with the Restaurant.

This was our excellent experience of the Restaurant.

This may or may not entice others as much. All the pals and gals out there, though Shahrukh Khan framed on a pillar will definitely shock you as he did me (SRK isn’t American!), though the Birthday Song they play might make you feel a bit awkward about yourself, please do check it out once!

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