Is Subway Tuna Really Tuna or is it Something Else? Researches are on

Is Subway Tuna Really Tuna or is it Something Else? Researches are on

The tuna sandwich that you love so much and crave for very often may not actually have tuna in it. 

If tuna is not being used by Subway, then what are they using in the name of "tuna"!!

Researches are still on in this direction, so before you actually eat a tuna sandwich be sure of the authenticity.

There are a lot of people who love the Subway way of food.  The sandwiches or the footlongs are so much yearned for that many subway lovers go to eat these every month, twice a month to be quite frank.

Some of the food options in Subway, especially the non-vegetarian ones, have become so popular that mere mention is mouth watering. To name these, Tuna Subway and Chicken (various options) are loved by the foodies. But if you get to know that the name is not actually apt since the food provided is nowhere close to the name…what will you do?

To clear the fog over this, there are reports about Los Angeles stores that Subway Tuna is not actually using Tuna. This is quite a shocking piece of news as tuna lovers are now questioning the stuff they have been eating. A research says that it is not tuna but what it actually is yet to be found out.

A food testing lab failed to identify any tuna DNA in the Subway Tuna footlong. Frozen subs were sent to the fish testing lab for analysis. After the researches, the experts were unable to identify and point out the species. This brings forth 2 conclusions. One, that it is so heavily processed that it cannot be identified or Two… it is not actually tuna.

As per a lawsuit back in January, it seems to be non-tuna based mixture that Defendants blended to resemble tuna. Subway describes its tuna sub as “freshly baked bread” layered with “flaked tuna blended with creamy mayo then topped with your choice of crisp, fresh veggies.”

It has also been stated by an expert that a sandwich place would not intentionally mislabel and they are buying a can of tuna that is labeled as “tuna”. He also added that if any fraud is happening in this case, it is happening at the cannery that packs tunas.

Some of the sandwich makers have also said that there is very little incentive for Subway to substitute tuna for a cheaper alternative as tuna is already an inexpensive meat.

We do not know if this is happening in India, too, but this information is not to be taken lightly and we need to be more and more careful about the food we consume, especially the ready-to- eat-one with non-vegetarian product that we buy from the stores or the outlets. We need to wait for more details on this as researches are still going on to find out about the Tuna in the tuna subway.

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