UT Spice: "The Oven Project" giving taste to health

UT Spice: "The Oven Project" giving taste to health

A unique mother-son cafe...

The Oven Project
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UT Spice introduces you to a unique mother-son cafe, which has a kitty of some delicious dishes handmade with love. "The Oven Project" situated in Phoenix Lifestyle, at Sukhadia Circle in Udaipur is run by mother Rekha Sawansukha and son Tanay Sawansukha. They serve freshly cooked food that will forever occupy a special place in your heart, be it for the taste or for the ambience. 100% eggless food is available here. The food is healthy for everyone irrespective of age.  

The Oven Project

The Oven Project

Tanay Sawansukha, the master chef, discusses his cooking journey and passion, with UdaipurTimes team of Heena and Fatima. Tanay's mother, Rekha Sawansukha disclosed that Tanay has been fond of cooking since a very early age. In his very young age, he used to stay up and cook late in the night, after everyone had gone to bed. Rekha shared one moment of Tanay in which he prepared a meal for his family and received praise from each member of the family. This was when Tanay got motivation to focus on a career in cooking. 

"People should always opt for a career in something they love doing. They should always do work which they have a passion for..." - Rekha Sawansukha

The Oven Project

After receiving positive feedback for cooking, the mother and son began house delivery and eventually established "Tanay's Kitchen" which is now known as "The Oven Project". They started taking orders from 5 June, 2020 and started delivery service on Swiggy and Zomato in 2021. After this, they established this cafe in June 5, 2022.

The Oven Project a Cut Above The Rest?

Must try "Exotic Veggie Pizza" 

The Oven Project Pizza

Freshly Baked Breads

Pizza bread at TOP is made from whole wheat flour and is freshly prepared. Normal Pizza bases are available otherwise whole-wheat bases are available if you want to eat healthy. Everything, whether it's vegetables or sauce, is cut and prepared at the time of serving the order. "The Exotic Veggie Pizza" has a base of whole wheat and contains Mushroom, Jalapeno, Olives, Zucchini and Corn which are healthy for everyone. 


Fresh tomatoes and other seasoning are used to make Pizza Sauce and pasta sauces are made just before serving. Tanay also mentioned that they don't use Mayonnaise (Mayo) much because it's bad for health. They create fresh Cheese Sauces. Whether it is White sauce Pasta, Red Sauce or Pink Sauce Pasta, the gravy is made with pure Cheese and Cream. 

The Oven Project Pasta

White Sauce Pasta

The Cafe always has Some Special Food Dish on their Menu

Special Summer Dessert: Thandai Tart

The Oven Project Thandai Tart

Tanay has mastered the art of baking. Every day, he creates a new desert. "Thandai Tart," an exclusive summer treat is a must to have at the cafe. Nutella, Blueberry Cheesecakes and Brownie are some other treats worth eating. They also use raw cocoa to make chocolates and other chocolate toppings rather than compound chocolates. Beetroot Burger, which is extremely nutritious, and diet friendly people can enjoy this without worrying about health. 

Pure Chocolates

The Oven Project, Pure Chocolates

The Oven Project Betroot  Burger

Beetroot Burger

Most Loved Beverages

Bubble Lemonade and Brownie Milkshake 

The Oven Project Beverages

Bubble Lemonade and Brownie Milkshake

Bubble Lemonade is a delight for eyes and for the body. This unique beverage comes in 10 to 12 different varieties. As the summer months begin, you can go and have this wonderful refreshment once, which will make you want to have them more. Brownie Milkshake is another most loved shake at this cafe. The shake is nothing less than any Starbucks or Keventers shakes.

The Oven Project

This location has its own unique character. Whether you arrive alone or in a group, you will find the cafe's ambiance to be both peaceful and exciting. There are games to play and books to read while your meal is being prepared. The staff members are extremely helpful and friendly. This cafe and bakery's aesthetic decor is a bonus. 




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