UT SPICE - Shreenath's KACHORI is among the best snacks to relish in Udaipur

UT SPICE - Shreenath's KACHORI is among the best snacks to relish in Udaipur

The shop is situated at Maldas Street in the walled city area of Udaipur

shrinath restuarant

Special items: Kachori, Samosaand Gulab Jamun

In the realm of global cuisine, the aroma and flavour of Indian food is distinct. Indian cuisine is unique and it includes a wide variety of species. Dishes made from various ingredients reflect various cultures. Rajasthan offers a variety of food dishes. Whether it is snacks or main course, this state has its own culinary royalty.

Udaipur, known as the "City of Lakes," consists primarily of dishes made from vegetables and lentils. In the UT Spice series, we draw your attention to the evergreen road side snack ‘Kachori’, which is very famous in Rajasthan. Udaipur has plenty of tasty Kachori makers but Shreenath Kachori holds a prominent position in the walled city area. 

Shreenath Kachori:

Tucked away in the walled city are of Maldas Street, the Shrinath Kachori Shop has been operational since 1905. Amazing Kachori, Samosa, and Sweets are the proud heritage of this century old snack shop. Hemant Khatri, the current owner of the shop spoke about the history of the Kachori, a dish that is loved by both locals and visitors to Udaipur.

Let's first discuss the origins of Kachori before getting into the specifics of the shop:

A 7th-century Jain literature has reference to the Kachori, a puffy deep-fried pastry filled with lentils. Supa Shastra, a medieval cookbook, also has references to similar meals. The Kachori has its origin in the Hindi speaking belt of India. Click here for details. The "Kachori," is prepared from lentils and is typically served with yogurt and various chutneys.

What’s so special about Shreenath Kachori?

The store is well-known for its Kachori because of the unique spices used in its preparation. Hemant Khatri, the operator of the shop, said that his grandfather had previously operated it before his father took it. The shop was made available for rent following the death of Hemant's father in 1982. Soon after, on October 20, 1997, Hemant Khatri took ownership of the shop and began producing Kachori with other foods including Samosa, Poha, Khaman and various kinds of sweets. Earlier the shop served pakoras as well. Hemant and his brother Devendra Khatri are presently running the shop.  

kachori 2

Good quality of Upkar Store spices and the low flame cooking makes the Kachori taste better”- Hemant Khatri

According to Hemant Khatri, they provide high-quality food items. They fry the Kachori over low heat, which results in properly cooked Kachori, and they utilize spices from Upkar Store, which they regard as the best in the city. Hemant uses Nagore's Kasuri Meethi, or dried fenugreek leaves. The Kachori is served with different types of chutneys like Green chutney, Tamarind chutney and Yogurt. 

kachori 3

Samosa, which is equally delicious and may be served with any chutney of your choice, is available with Kachori. Gulab Jamun is the shop's most well-known confectionery. Many sorts of sweets are created for festivals like Holi and Diwali, among others. 


On being asked about how he gained inspiration after the shop was closed after his father’s death?

He claimed that when he was young, his father and grandfather inspired him to restart the firm. He also thanked God for giving him prosperity.

Pros of this shop’s Kachori

According to Hemant Khatri, the Kachori would remain fresh for five days without going bad. Also, the Kachori is well-known both among the locals and visitors from other countries, such as Dubai, who order kachori in advance. 


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