Anti swine flu potion(kadhaa) at home

Anti swine flu potion(kadhaa) at home

Home made kadhaa for swine flu.

Anti swine flu potion(kadhaa) at home

Anti swine flu potion or kadhaa should be made at home to stay infection free.

To stay free from the fatal infection of swine flu, kadhaa is being given to people at many centers of the city. But there are all the chances that this might give rise to infection since lot of people collect at one place and someone might have traces of infection which have gone unnoticed. It has now been decided that Ayurved department will not hold centers for kadhaa distribution. Instead it will go from place to place giving the potion to public.

Ayurveda experts say that this kadhaa has enough properties to help people stay safe. It increases the defensive cells in body. The same kadhaa can also be made at home. The recipe for the kadhaa has been specified as following :

For one cup kadhaa:

Ingredients -Tulsi leaves,black pepper( काली मिर्च),Pittpapda(पित्त पापड़ा), kutki(कुटकी), saunth(सौंठ), cinnamon(दालचीनी), ginger(अदरक), turmeric(हल्दी), ajwain(अजवाइन)

Method- boil the above ingredients in 160 ml of water on medium flame till 20 ml water is left. Honey can be added as per taste.

This kadhaa has to be repeated for 7 days.

For expectant mothers and children:

Ingredients – Tulsi, kutki, cinnamon and ginger and ajwain(less quantity as compared to normal)

Method- boil all in 80 ml of water till 10 ml of water remains. Physicians advise is important here.

Children between 1-5 years of age to be given 2 spoons daily only.

The kadhaa does not work like Tamiflu tablets when suffering from swine flu. It only increases the immunity power.

Until now a number of people have suffered from swine flu and many have lost their lives. It is recommended that people start taking this potion if they are safe from the fatal flu and recommend the same to all loved and dear ones.

source : bhaskarnews

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