Be aware-Stop swine flu from spreading

Be aware-Stop swine flu from spreading

Swine flu calls for prevention/precaution. Be aware!!

Be aware-Stop swine flu from spreading

Prevention is better than cure. Swine flu is one such contagious disease which needs prevention. People need to be aware that they must take precautions against swine flu.

As per Dr. Raghavendra Rai, swine flu spreads not just merely from person to person but also by touching things that an infected person has used. People must stay alert that shaking hands, touching things that an infected person has used, vessels in which a swine flu patient eats food, bed sheet, pillow cover, etc. must be dealt with extreme precaution. He also said that any person suffering from cold which is immediately followed by fever must consult doctor at the earliest.

Until now many people have lost their lives because of swine flu. People have to be extra alert that as and when they come in contact with anything at public places, they must make sure to wash hands immediately. In fact in the given conditions, people must avoid using any public utility item since it could have been used by an infected person.

The only possibility of preventing swine flu is by staying extra cautious. Since Udaipur district has reported many swine flu positive cases, people in close circle of swine flu patients must take dosage of Tamiflu tablet. This tablet is available in all hospitals of the city. So before you become a prey and situation becomes uncontrollable, take care of the possible things and report to doctor without fail in case of any symptoms which seem to be similar to common cold or flu.

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