Beware of NIPAH VIRUS- It is deadly

Beware of NIPAH VIRUS- It is deadly


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Beware of NIPAH VIRUS- It is deadly

NIPAH VIRUS has taken the nation by storm. The virus has not yet affected Udaipur city but public needs to be extremely careful.

11 lives have been lost in Kerala because of this deadly NIPAH VIRUS. It drives the affected patient into coma within 48 hours. Udaipur seems to be pretty safe from this virus as no such case has come to light yet, but public needs to be careful as Udaipur city does have bats.


When a person is infected by this virus, he feels a certain kind of inflammation of the brain. Studies show that this virus takes 5 to 15 days to for the symptoms to appear. The symptoms include headaches and fever followed by feelings of confusion and drowsiness. There are all the possibilities of these symptoms progressing into coma. There is no cure for NIPAH VIRUS. Instead it can only be prevented by avoiding exposure to bats and sick pigs. One must also not drink raw date palm sap as it is likely to be contaminated by excretions of infected bats.

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