Dengue cases rise in Udaipur: Discrepancy in reported numbers

Dengue cases rise in Udaipur: Discrepancy in reported numbers

According to the Health Department, a total of 303 patients have been confirmed as dengue positive

Dengue in Udaipur

Dengue is on the rise in the Udaipur region of southern Rajasthan. However, there is a notable disparity between the statistics reported by the Microbiology Laboratory at Maharana Bhupal (MB) Government Medical College and those provided by the Health Department. The lab's reports reveal that out of nearly 2,000 daily tests, over 150 patients are testing positive for dengue. This unsettling data suggests that roughly every 13th person among these patients is dengue-positive. Furthermore, a majority of these cases are accompanied by complaints of declining platelet counts, adding to the concerns.

These alarming numbers have been steadily increasing over the past month, indicating a growing health crisis in the region. According to the Health Department, as of October this year, a total of 303 patients have been confirmed as dengue positive. In Udaipur district, which is home to a population of 3.1 million, there was a significant malaria outbreak in 2017, with a staggering 1,460 positive cases documented. However, by 2022, this number had dramatically dropped to a mere 212 cases. Yet, over the last 10 months, there has been a resurgence in malaria, with 155 patients reported. 

MB Hospital authorities report their dengue and malaria data to the Health Department, and this information is integrated into the department's records. MB Hospital has a total of 14 wards, divided among 7 units within the Medicine Department, with each ward typically housing around 28 beds. This results in an average daily intake of nearly 400 patients, and currently, a substantial portion of these patients are affected by dengue. Additionally, the hospital has two consistently occupied Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

“We have dengue and malaria under control. We're actively running the "Our Health, Our Responsibility" campaign and conducting door-to-door surveys. We're focusing on reducing sources of these diseases and raising awareness, offering precautionary guidance. Anti-larval and anti- fogging operations are in progress, and we're regularly updating departmental statistics.” - CMHO Udaipur, Dr. Shankar Lal Bamaniya

The Commissioner of Health (CMHO) asserts that they have dengue and malaria under control, but medical professionals in the Medicine Department at MB Hospital are contending that the number of dengue cases has surged in the past month. The situation becomes even more baffling when examining departmental statistics concerning malaria.

“Over the last month, dengue cases have risen. We're admitting new patients daily and discharging others. In many instances, platelet counts are falling, and for patients with less than 10,000 platelets, we're conducting platelet transfusions. While there isn't a direct antiviral treatment for dengue, our main focus is on providing symptomatic care.”- Dr RL Meena, HOD Medicine Department, MB Hospital. 

Source: Dainik Bhaskar


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