Let’s talk-Is being thin a sign of bad health??

Let’s talk-Is being thin a sign of bad health??

"Thin" v/s "Healthy"...what are you or are you both?? Read on.........

Let’s talk-Is being thin a sign of bad health??

 A recent news made me think, and not just think, it made me think a lot. But the ultimate answer made me feel better. The news is about warning parents not to overfeed the children to make them “look healthy”.

This piece of news is great information for all parents and they must follow that overfeeding a child will not actually make him healthy. Overfeeding also makes a child hate the thought of food in the years to come. Of course, health problems are connected with it.

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I was forced to go years behind. The memory lane pointed that I was always thought of as weak since my physique has always been that of a thin child. Why do people connect fat with health?? Meaning why do they think that a person who hasn’t got enough fat on the body is actually weak? Even in the recent times, I have been told that I am thin and I need to put on weight. But the point here is that is a thin person inactive or is he physically unfit? The answer to both the queries is “No, not all of them are inactive or physically unfit”.

It was only last year that someone told me that I need to look healthy. And my question was, “What is healthy? Is it look wise or is it internal health?” The person obviously meant that I needed to have more fat on me. ( I don’t care a damn what people say about my physique any longer)!!

When I look at people who are fat or who “look” healthy and I also get to know that each of them is suffering from some or the other health issues or feel lethargic most of the times, I tell them that I am the one who is thin but physically fit and feel proud about it. I have been eyed upon very curiously by people as they wonder if I am on some kind of medication for fitness, but the truth which only my closed ones know and now you as readers know that there is no medication that can keep you physically fit for a long time. Fitness comes from your own attitude, balanced diet, and a positive approach towards every aspect of life (not counting the hereditary illness here).

Coming back to being thin, it comes from your genes. No matter what or how much you eat, if thinness is in the family you are very likely to inherit the same. Do not force a person to eat too much for healthy looks. It will bring health issues which might even become incurable or you might end up living on medicines.

Learn to stay positive about what you eat. Never eat anything with a negative mindset; never think that a certain food should not be eaten as you have heard harmful stories. Eat according to the weather, according to your hunger and never eat when you are angry or irritated or upset. If you are thin, it doesn’t mean that you are lazy or inactive. If you are thin but can be on your toes without feeling tired for long hours and still be happy at the end of the day, with no prescribed medicines for health issues, with no disease which needs attention YOU ARE PERFECT. Do not care what people say about your physique and follow the same for your child, too. Make your child aware that he needs to eat as a growing child needs but do not force him to eat beyond the demands of his stomach.

Being thin is not a sign of bad health at all. You must be energetic to lead your life, which not every fat or healthy looking person may be. Remember that being thin is what you get from the family genes and it has nothing to do with looking good. Yes, you can dress up according to your physique to look good but never indulge in over eating by following people’s advice.

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