Music to soothe the troubles of labour pain

Music to soothe the troubles of labour pain

Music therapy to ease the delivery process for expectant mothers.

Music to soothe the troubles of labour pain

It is a widely known fact that sound therapy has cured a lot of ailments. Music has since long soothed a broken heart, eased tensed minds and uplifted many a spirits. Now music therapy will be used for healing the troubles of labour pain for the expectant mothers.

As per information, Panna Dhai Janana Hospital will provide sound therapy to the women so as to ease the discomforts of labour pain. Sounds of sitar, sarod, flute, violin etc. will help the women through the difficult times of child birth. As per the specialists, sound therapy also reduces tension and keeps blood pressure in control.

Another benefit of the music therapy is that the hospital staff will also feel the soothing effect of music. They will not over-react to situations, will face less mental tension and be at peace. All this in turn would create a healthy work environment and also give them the positivity to deal with the patients in stress free atmosphere.

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The music therapy has already begun in the janana hospital and will be started in the other 35 centres of the district. It is also a wide known fact that the baby inside the mother’s womb is greatly affected by her attitude and the sounds around her. Sound therapy will create a positive effect on the baby as well. This will in turn create a healthy mental level for the mother and baby, both.

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