Pediatric and Gynecologist Camp at Universal School, Kharol Colony, Udaipur

Pediatric and Gynecologist Camp at Universal School, Kharol Colony, Udaipur

In collaboration with Fakhri Medical Center Society...

Fakhri Medical

Pediatric doctor Mr. K. Abbas and Gynecologist Dr. Zehra Abbas conducted a health camp at Universal School, Kharol Colony. The camp catered to students from 1st to 5th class, with a maximum of 200 students. The focus was on general health check-ups, BMI analysis, and other symptom assessments. The doctors provided advice on maintaining hygiene and healthy living.

For the Pediatric segment, the camp aimed to analyze the health of the students and offer guidance on leading a healthy lifestyle. The team addressed health concerns and provided valuable advice to promote overall well-being.

Gynecologist Camp for Girls (6th to 10th grade)

The Gynecologist camp was specifically designed for girls in the 6th to 10th grades. The objective was to impart knowledge and awareness about crucial aspects such as hygiene, diet, menstruation cycles, and other challenges faced by girls during their development. The camp was instrumental in providing essential information to ensure the well-being of the female students.


Key participants in the camp included Principal Mrs. Kanika Behrani, Coordinator Mrs. Arwa Rangwala, and students of Universal School. The camp was organized in collaboration with the Fakhri Medical Center Society, with contributions from individuals such as Abdul Kutub, Fazal Abbas, Ali Asgar Magar and Abbas Bandookwala. 

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