Rajasthan Doctors Ordered to Remove Jewellery and Watches on Duty to Curb Infections

Rajasthan Doctors Ordered to Remove Jewellery and Watches on Duty to Curb Infections

Particularly in wards, ICUs, and operation theatres...


The Central Government has issued a directive to Rajasthan and other states, urging doctors to refrain from wearing rings, bangles, bracelets, religious threads, and wristwatches while on duty. This measure aims to prevent the potential spread of infections within hospital premises, particularly in wards, ICUs, and operation theatres.

In a bid to enhance patient safety and hygiene standards, healthcare facilities, including those under the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), railway hospitals, and ESI hospitals, will enforce the new rule. Doctors and healthcare workers in Centre-run hospitals across the state are mandated to adhere to these guidelines immediately.

According to a health department spokesperson, the decision comes in response to the need for stringent policies to minimize infection risks. The directive also emphasizes restricting the use of mobile phones in patient areas and critical zones like ICUs, post-operative wards, and operation theatres.

Dr. Atul Goel, Director General of Health Services at the Ministry of Health, underscored the importance of maintaining a sterile environment. He highlighted that wearing hand jewellery below the elbow increases skin microorganism counts, posing potential risks of contamination. Similarly, the use of mobile phones during duty hours, particularly in sensitive areas, could compromise patient safety.

The policy will also update the hospital's procedures on hand hygiene. It will clearly state where doctors can wear wristwatches, making it easier for everyone to follow the rules. This ensures that all healthcare workers understand what's allowed and what's not, helping to keep the environment clean and safe for patients.


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