RNT Initiative: Rapid Response Team for Improved Patient Care

RNT Initiative: Rapid Response Team for Improved Patient Care

Support will be provided by a specialized hospital team on just one call...


To provide swift and efficient healthcare services, RNT  Udaipur has initiated an important approach aimed at ensuring patients receive immediate assistance and prompt treatment upon arrival at hospitals. This initiative, aims to shield patients from exploitation by intermediaries and expedite the delivery of critical medical care.

Under this new system, patients from Udaipur district and those arriving from other areas will benefit from dedicated support provided by a specialized hospital team. Upon contact with the control room of the RNT team, either by the referring doctor or hospital staff, essential details including the patient's medical history and estimated arrival times will be available.

Upon receiving the patient's information, the control room team will promptly notify the relevant department's nodal officer or supervisor, providing all necessary details, including the anticipated arrival time. This proactive approach ensures that medical staff are prepped in advance to administer timely treatment upon the patient's arrival, potentially saving lives through swift intervention.

Additionally, a streamlined complaint resolution system has been introduced to address any concerns or issues faced by patients or their relatives during their hospital stay. By simply scanning a QR code located outside the ward, individuals can lodge complaints online, with resolutions promised within half an hour by the control room. Even after discharge, patients and caregivers will receive follow-up calls from the control room to gather feedback on hospital services, facilitating further enhancements based on received feedback.

Benefits of the Initiative

  • The implementation of QR codes across all government hospitals will streamline data management into a centralized control room. The designated staff will solely focus on addressing these matters, encompassing grievances related to patients, caregivers, medication, hygiene, restroom facilities, and any other concerns, all of which can be submitted online.
  • Utilizing the issued number from the control room, doctors or staff from hospitals, whether local or external to the district, can contact and furnish the patient's medical history, facilitating prompt medical intervention for the patient.
  • If the admitted patient or their caregivers encounter any issues during their hospital stay, the individual handling feedback calls from the control room post-discharge will have the opportunity to openly communicate their concerns, facilitating the enhancement of the system.

RNT Medical College, pioneering this comprehensive system, stands as first in the state, setting a high standard for patient-centered care and efficient healthcare delivery. This initiative marks a significant move towards enhancing the overall healthcare experience for residents of Udaipur district and beyond.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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