Shortage of Specialists Despite High Patient Load in Hiran Magri Satellite and Chandpol District Hospitals

Shortage of Specialists Despite High Patient Load in Hiran Magri Satellite and Chandpol District Hospitals

RNT Medical College struggles to alleviate patient load...


To address the mounting patient load at its affiliated main hospitals, namely Hirani Magri Satellite and Chandpol District Hospitals, RNT Medical College has proposed a strategy mirroring the successful model of SMS Medical College in Jaipur. However, despite discussions and deliberations within the Medical College Council, progress remains elusive even after 18 days.

The daily influx of 2800 OPD patients and nearly 200 deliveries per month at Satellite and District Hospitals underscores the urgency of the situation. Unfortunately, apart from specialists in medical and gynaecological fields, there is a glaring absence of experts in assistant medicine and pediatrics, leaving patients and expectant mothers underserved.

Since last October, only one surgical unit has been operational at Chandpol Hospital, with the rest of the units neglected. Moreover, the Government Women's (Maternity) Hospital, lacking a dedicated building near the Medical College premises, operates in three separate buildings with a total capacity of 540 beds. With a monthly load of nearly 1500 deliveries, the hospital struggles to meet demand, exacerbated by patients from other districts.

In response to the escalating crisis, the Medical College Council recently revisited discussions on enhancing facilities in external hospitals. A decision was reached to emulate the model of SMS Medical College by decentralizing key departments like Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, and Pediatrics to satellite and affiliated hospitals. However, due to faculty shortages, immediate action will focus on arrangements at Chandpol Hospital.

A circular has been issued mandating the rotation of the most junior assistant professors to serve in relevant departmental units at satellite hospitals. Doctors who refuse this assignment face the prospect of being barred from future unit head positions.

Dr. Sudha Gandhi, HOD of Women Hospital, emphasized the critical role of anesthesia and pediatrics in ensuring the success of gynaecological facilities at satellite hospitals. Accordingly, plans are underway to shift senior resident doctors and assistant professors from the pediatric department to Chandpol Hospital, with anesthesia support as needed.

Despite past attempts to alleviate the burden by shifting  gynaecological and surgery units, these initiatives were short-lived, further exacerbated by disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients often have to go to the main hospitals because the specialists sent to satellite hospitals aren't there all the time. This makes things harder for the main hospitals, which are already struggling with too many patients.

Dr. Sudha Gandhi, head of Women Hospital, suggested that running two to three units could lead to improvements. Operating only one unit isn't enough for good results. Also, the main hospital has ICU and ventilator facilities lacking in other hospitals. High-risk cases from external hospitals are often transferred here. 

ICU facilities are lacking at MB Hospital. Although the Medicine Ward's ICU bed capacity has been increased from 20 to 103, patients who need ICU care can't get it. They're being placed in general wards because there's no other option. MB Hospital gets about 6,000 OPD patients every day. 

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