Side effects of Measles Rubella (MMR) vaccination

Side effects of Measles Rubella (MMR) vaccination

Have your child vaccinated against measles and rubella (MMR)

Side effects of Measles Rubella (MMR) vaccination

Measles and Rubella vaccination campaign for children begins today in Udaipur. The vaccination is a must for keeping the children safe against these 2 diseases. Masses are hereby requested to have their children vaccinated and NOT be scared of the side effects.

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The very common side effects of MMR vaccination are given herebelow:

Studies reveal that after 7 to 11 days of MMR vaccination, children may experience a mild form of measles which includes rash, loss of appetite, high fever, and/or a general feeling of discomfort for around 3 days.  Some women who take this vaccination may experience stiff or swollen joints and the feeling may last for upto 3 days. Children may also experience swelling in cheek, neck, under the jaw which may last for 2 days.

There are rare cases of allergic reactions immediately after the vaccine. Medical staff providing vaccination is trained to deal with the allergy. It is hereby requested to contact your general physician whatever the case may be and not be scared with any of the symptoms.

(inputs from various sites on MMR vaccination)

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