Stay alert-Malaria spreading in the city

Stay alert-Malaria spreading in the city

Stay alert, your fever might be fatal.

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Stay alert-Malaria spreading in the city

Malaria is once again spreading in Udaipur city. As per reports, the way this disease is spreading has broken the records of last year.

Government medical department says that the district has seen 119 cases of malaria until mid October this year. If this is added to the data provided by private hospitals, it crosses the figure of 150. Patients suffering from malaria PF (plasmodium falciparum) are under threat as the disease turns to be fatal if not attended on time. Out of the 850 patients reported under malarial attack, 119 are suffering from malaria PF.

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Tribal regions have reported a number of deaths because of fever though the health department claims that they were not suffering from this type of malaria. Patients who have been attacked by PF malaria need to be treated within 2 to 3 days else the parasite affects liver, kidneys and may result in jaundice and lack of blood and may cause death.

Public is hereby alerted to keep all water vessels at home well covered and cover your body properly while sleeping. One needs to understand that the malarial parasite (mosquito) lives in contaminated water and bites at night while the Dengue parasite lives in clean water and attacks during the day. Try to stay away from places where water collects in pot holes and avoid visiting parks to stay safe from these deadly parasites. In case of fever, do not delay and consult a physician immediately. It may not be a common fever.

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