Swine flu cases identified-One out of 7 dies

Swine flu cases identified-One out of 7 dies

Swine flu is on the rise again in Udaipur.

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  Swine flu cases identified-One out of 7 dies

Swine flu is on the rise again in Udaipur. Out of the 7 cases of swine flu, one man died on Friday morning in Ahmedabad.

57 year old Anil Mehta of Bhuwana was identified with swine flu. He was admitted in a hospital in Ahmedabad for treatment but he couldn’t survive. This year swine flu took two lives. The others who have been detected with swine flu are SI of Goverdhan Vilas police station who was admitted in Geetanjali Hospital, a 25 year old youth from Gogunda admitted in MB hospital, 3 people of the same family from Goverdhan Vilas area and a 36 year old woman from Paneriyon ki Madri.

Too many cases of swine flu in a day caused commotion in the medical department. As per the medical officers, the body of Anil Mehta was taken directly to home after returning from Ahmedabad. Since there was fear of the virus spreading to others, the family members performed the final rites within an hour of reaching Udaipur.

Health department has issued an alert in this case since the situation is likely to get out of control in monsoons. Blood samples of family members and neighbours of patients found positive are being sent for investigation. Medicines for patients have been sent in many areas of the district.

Udaipur district has had 19 patients of swine flu this year. There have been 229 cases of swine flu in the last 4 years. 20 patients lost their lives because of this deadly flu.SI of Goverdhan Vilas police station was suffering from cold and fever for the last 3 days and was admitted to Geetanjali hospital. Friday morning his reports confirmed that he was suffering from swine flu. He has been referred to Ahmedabad for treatment. His condition is now reported to be normal. As a precaution, samples of his family members and neighbours have been sent to the lab for investigation.

January to July 2017, MB hospital has had 14 swine flu cases. The first case came in the month of April. A 60 year old man from Fatehpura had shown positive signs of swine flu. After this, a medical college resident suffered from swine flu.

On 29th May, Vandana Sharma(relative of Bhanu Kumar Shastri) died in Ahmedabad due to siwne flu. This way a number of swine flu patients have lost their lives in 2017 itself.

How does swine flu spread?

The epidemic spreads from H1N1 virus. This is an influenza virus which spreads fast. It is contagious and any person coming near a patient or in contact with a patient can suffer from the same. Pneumonia takes over and the blood pressure of the patient starts dropping down which affects liver and kidney.


Swine flu cases identified-One out of 7 dies

Running nose, sore throat, body ache, fever, shivering, diarrhoea, nausea, watery eyes and chills and trouble in breathing.

Swine flu cases identified-One out of 7 dies  


Swine flu cases identified-One out of 7 dies

Cover your face with a mask while near a patient. It is best to stay at a distance. Do not make an attempt to take the patient in the market area because there is a danger of other people catching the virus. Take medical assistance immediately if any of the above given symptoms persist.

Medicines are now available in MB hospital. Instead of panicking, consult a doctor and start treatment immediately. Everyone needs to be alert about the symptoms and take medical advice at the earliest- Dr. Raghavendra Rai, Deputy CMHO.

source: bhaskarnews  

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