Rajasthan: Swine Flu Claims Four Lives in Udaipur

Rajasthan: Swine Flu Claims Four Lives in Udaipur

Swine Flu Cases Exceed 1,000 in Rajasthan

Swine Flu

Rajasthan, India - The tally of swine flu cases in Rajasthan surged past the 1,000 mark in April, raising concerns about public health in the state. Reports reveal that from January 1 to March 31, Rajasthan recorded 945 cases. However, an additional 59 cases emerged in the last 33 days, bringing the total count to 1,004.

Udaipur Witnesses Four Fatalities

Among the districts grappling with the swine flu outbreak, Udaipur stands out with four reported fatalities. The city saw a rise in cases from 121 to 135, reflecting the severity of the situation.

District-wise Breakdown

Apart from Jaipur and Udaipur, other districts reported significant numbers of swine flu cases. In Jaipur alone, the count surged from 498 to 517 within the same 33-day period. Additionally, Bikaner observed an increase from 73 to 78 cases, while Dausa saw a rise from 25 to 28 cases.

Leptospirosis and Brucellosis Reported

In addition to swine flu, cases of leptospirosis and brucellosis have surfaced in the state. Rajasthan documented 61 cases of brucellosis and 32 cases of leptospirosis by April 29.

Health Department's Response

While the health department acknowledges the slowdown in swine flu transmission, it remains vigilant. Officials emphasize the importance of public adherence to preventive measures. Notably, no swine flu-related deaths were reported in the last 33 days, contrasting with the 12 fatalities recorded from January to March.

Healthcare System Overwhelmed

Healthcare facilities in the affected areas are experiencing an influx of patients exhibiting flu-like symptoms. While many recover without specific diagnostic tests, some cases worsen over time. Doctors stress the necessity of prompt diagnosis for severe cases to facilitate appropriate treatment.

Ensuring Better Health Outcomes

Efforts are underway to ensure accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment for individuals affected by viral infections. This approach aims to improve health outcomes and mitigate the impact of the ongoing health crisis in Rajasthan.

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