Udaipur gets a new Satellite Hospital

Udaipur gets a new Satellite Hospital

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Udaipur satellite hospital
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In a significant development following the recent budget announcement, the Bargaon Community Health Center (CHC) has officially been upgraded to a Satellite Hospital. This transformative upgrade heralds a new era of healthcare services in the region. With this transition, the Satellite Hospital will now boast a dedicated staff of 51 professionals committed to providing top-notch medical care to the community.

Under the Medical and Health (Group) directive, 23 additional positions, including pediatricians, gynecologists, and ophthalmologists, will be recruited in addition to the doctors already in service. The existing 28 positions will remain unchanged. Furthermore, one position each for a female health guide and a female health worker will be eliminated. It is worth noting that the city, which previously had two satellite hospitals located in Hiran Magri Sector-6 and Ambamata, will now have three such facilities.

The Bargaon Community Health Center (CHC) currently operates with a bed capacity of 50. Presently, it is staffed with 2 junior specialists, 2 medical officers, 1 dentist, 2 nurses from category I, 6 nurses from category II, 1 pharmacist, 2 radiographers, 3 lab technicians, 1 Eye Assistant, 1 Junior Accountant, 1 Junior Assistant, 2 Female Health Workers, 1 Female Health Guide, and 3 Ward Boys, all of whom provide essential healthcare services. In response to the recent departmental order, there has been a surge in preparations for new job positions at the CHC. There is widespread speculation that these new positions may be filled by the government prior to the implementation of the code of conduct.

"Approval for new posts has been received from the government. There is a possibility of getting staff before the code of conduct. Preparations are also being made at the local level." - Shanklaral Bamnia, CMHO, Udaipur

Vacant Posts To Be Filled

The newly created positions at the CHC comprise 1 pediatric junior specialist, 1 gynecological junior specialist, 1 ophthalmology junior specialist, 1 senior medical officer, 2 medical officers, 9 second-category nurses, 1 lab technician, and 3 ward boys. These positions are scheduled to be filled. Notably, there had been no sanitation worker positions at the CHC previously. However, following the recent approval, 4 sanitation workers will be recruited. Additionally, a computer operator will also be appointed. It's important to highlight that these new positions were established with the approval of the Finance Department, and the expenses associated with these sanctioned posts will be in accordance with OH TAD rules.

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