15 sandalwood trees chopped in a month

15 sandalwood trees chopped in a month

Sandalwood trees stolen from Gulab Bagh.

15 sandalwood trees chopped in a month

The city’s oxygen hub Gulab bagh has gone short of 15 trees in a period of one month. It is quite saddening that authorities are still negligent in this matter. Public is complaining about no night watch in this area. This has made it quite easy for the thieves to operate.

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15 sandalwood trees have been chopped off in a month from Gulab Bagh by the chandan-thieves. On Tuesday night recently, 4 trees were chopped and hauled away which was noticed on Wednesday morning by the morning walkers. It is really depressing that administration is negligent on this issue even after a lot of appeals and complaints by public. There is no security guard for night-watch in the area. This is the reason why thefts are happening very often.

The PWD Garden Superintendent says that Municipal Corporation is looking out for security guard. The wall of the garden is broken at many points for which the complaints have gone unheard of.  There on the other hand, Assistant Engineer of Municipal Corporation says that there are security guards in Gulab Bagh. Some miscreants enter the area for which PWD has also been informed but no one pays attention towards this issue.

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