7 speed breakers made in a day

7 speed breakers made in a day

7 speed breakers made in a day in ward-13.

7 speed breakers made in a day

Two wheelers speeding on roads and in lanes are a common sight. Many accidents have occurred due to over speeding and many lives have been lost, too.

Since a long time, residents of ward-13 were demanding speed breakers for their area since a lot of children got injured because of over speeding bikers. A number of applications went unattended/ignored in Municipal Corporation regarding this matter. BUT on Monday itself, 7 speed breakers were made in ward-13.

Residents reported that their children were forced to stay inside because of bikers who rode with such speed that children had to stop playing on road. This is the main reason that residents had demanded speed breakers in the area. 2 days back a child got injured by a biker in speed and this had agitated the residents. They approached Councillor Rekha Chauhan for this and showed adamant attitude towards their demand.

It is being said that Municipal Corporation had these 7 speed breakers made in a jiffy without using right measures. The speed breakers are so high that people riding two-wheelers can lose their balance and fall. Now the residents have been assured by Councillor that appropriate action will be taken in this direction and speed breakers will be made where they are actually required.

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