7Dshow extends to 20 minutes for VIPs-Agitation among public

7Dshow extends to 20 minutes for VIPs-Agitation among public

4 minute movie show turns to 20 minute show for VIPs.

7Dshow extends to 20 minutes for VIPs-Agitation among public

7D movie show at Fatehsagar has become a source of excitement for Udaipur public. 4-minute movie shows have attracted attention since the day of inauguration. Reportedly on Sunday, public got agitated as they had to wait for more than 4 minutes for their turn. It was overheard that some VIPs were being shown the movie and the waiting time for public got extended to 20 minutes.

Excitement turned to agitation when public had to wait in growing heat at Fatehsagar pal on Sunday. The movie show which is supposed to be of 4 minutes duration lasted for 20 minutes which was being shown to Collector Mallick. When Collector Mallick came out of the movie van along with some others after 20 minutes, public was overheard saying that common public should have been allowed to enter the van with the VIPs and also that what if a person is a VIP, the convenience of common public must also be kept in mind. There was a huge crowd waiting for their turn for the movie. But waiting under the sun for more than the prescribed time aggravated them.

People even reported that the movie operator was questioned about extended timings, to which he remarked that a VIP can watch movie for as long as he wants. As per sources, when finally the 20 minute show got over and the Collector walked out of the movie van, 16 people were allowed to watch the 4-minute show after which the staff went for lunch asking the public to wait.

On the other hand, Assistant Director of Information and Technology said that accusations of public in this matter are not altogether correct. She said that other people were also allowed to watch the show along with Collector Mallick. She said that people had to wait for a long time outside the van since movie machine needed extra time for cooling because of heat. She also added that the movie operator definitely took time off for lunch which aggravated the public but public is exaggerating the issue.

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