Contaminated water supply in Bedla

Contaminated water supply in Bedla is causing health issues.

Contaminated water supply in Bedla

Residents of Bedla have reported that contaminated water is being supplied in Priyadarshni Nagar. The water has a stench which has made it impossible for the people to consume. People in Priyadarshni Nagar are facing health issues because of this contaminated water.

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Reportedly the sewerage line and water supply line are running parallel to each other and there is possibility of leakage somewhere. People are suffering from skin diseases and other health issues. Residents informed that they reported this issue to UIT and Gram Panchayat in Bedla. Concerned officers even visited the area and checked the condition of water but the issue has not yet been resolved. People need to move to far off areas to fetch water from tube-wells and some are even buying water campers. But this cannot be done on regular basis. Public has warned that if the issue is not resolved at the earliest, they would resort to protest and show-down at Collector’s office.

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