Argument over bus parking-2 arrested

Argument over bus parking-2 arrested

Shopkeeper hit on head in an argument between two groups.

Argument over bus parking-2 arrested

In an argument regarding parking of bus on the crossroads, 2 groups thrashed each other.

It was a matter of bus parking when 2 groups attacked each other at Bhuwana crossing. 2 young men hit a shopkeeper on head with a rod.

SI Mangilal said that Suraj Prajapat and Rahul Rajput , both residents of Bhuwana, were on their way to village on bike. They spotted a bus parked on one side of the crossroad and asked the driver to park it elsewhere. Seeing this, shopkeepers Deeplal Menaria, Kishan and Gopal came to talk to talk to these youth about the matter.

The conversation resulted in an argument between shopkeepers and youth. As the conversation tok a heated turn, the 2 young men picked a up a rod and hit Deeplal on head. Deeplal succumbed to serious head injury. Police were informed immediately who reached the spot and arrested the 2 young bikers.

Police is also suspecting personal conflict between these people which has not yet been proved. Investigations are on in this matter.


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