Attack followed by suicide-Techno NJR update

Attack followed by suicide-Techno NJR update

A student committed suicide after attacking the Director of Techno NJR College.

Attack followed by suicide-Techno NJR update

12th September was a day of shocking incidents for Techno NJR College. The student who attacked the Director of college committed suicide the same day.

Bhavik Jain (21), a student of Techno NJR Engineering College attacked Director RS Vyas with a knife. Vyas is admitted in Geetanjali hospital and is severely injured. A cased of attempt to murder was registered against Bhavik. On the other hand, after Bhavik’s suicide his family members have accused the Director of mental torture.

Bhavik Jain jumped into Lake Pichola and committed suicide three hours after attacking Vyas. The stabbing incident has been recorded in the CCTV of the college.

 Primary investigations say that Bhavik was suffering from depression. He had backlog in 7 subjects. Family members have hurled accusations at the college faculty and Director that they used to torture Bhavik by giving him less marks. As a result he would be tensed all the time even at home. There is an environment of fear and confusion in college after the attack.

As per reports, Bhavik s/o Mahendra Jain of Falasiya was a student of 4th year in IT branch. He was seen standing outside chamber of Director Vyas for a long time. Probably he was waiting for Vyas to be alone. Around 1:15 p.m. when Bhavik discovered that the Director was alone in his chamber, he went in and stabbed Vyas on the neck and stomach with a knife. After the incident he ran away from the college leaving the knife on the table.

Vyas managed to come out of the chamber covered in blood. College faculty noticed Vyas in this condition and rushed to catch hold of Bhavik who escaped. Vyas was rushed to Geetanjali hospital.

It has been reported that Vyas suffered a cardiac arrest in the evening while he was still admitted in hospital. His statement would be taken once his condition improves.

Around 4:30 p.m. public notice a body in Pichola lake towards ghat near Ambrai. The identity cards in the trouser pocket revealed that the body belonged to Bhavik Jain. His body was kept in mortuary. The final rites were to be performed today.

Bhavik’s brother Divyank said that Bhavik was in depression and when he didn’t return home a night before, he asked his other family members to search for Bhavik. Divyank also said that he was afraid that Bhavik might commit suicide.

Divyank also accused Director Vyas for mentally torturing Bhavik. Vyas used to insult Bhavik in front of other students and would threaten him that he would not be allowed to appear for the placements. All this created enough tension for Bhavik.  The college administration says that Bhavik was not doing well and had a backlog in 7 subjects. He was warned by the college to pay attention to his studies but he never improved. He was not threatened by college admin but was asked to follow rules.

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