Bank accused of helping culprit in withdrawing money

Bank accused of helping culprit in withdrawing money

Money withdrawn from stolen ATM using correct PIN.

Bank accused of helping culprit in withdrawing money

A reputed bank has been accused for helping an anonymous culprit in withdrawing money through a stolen ATM card. The ATM card was probably stolen during train journey.

In a recent ATM card theft, 50000 thousand rupees were from two different ATMs in Haryana and Kolkata. This case is one of its kinds where the account holder did not get any information of withdrawal on the registered mobile numbers. Money was withdrawn after finding the ATM PIN from bank or other sources.

Dilip Kumar Nanda s/o Suresh Nath Nanda has an account with Canara Bank, Madhuban, Udaipur. On 13th October, he left for Kolkata by train with his wife Mandira. Nanda and his wife carried two bags along with them. One big bag with belongings and one small bag which had all relevant documents along with their ATM cards. After reaching Kolkata, they found the small bag missing. They thought that they probably left it home. After reaching back to Udaipur on 4th November, they searched for the bag but did not find it anywhere.

Since the bag was not found at all, the Nanda couple went to bank and enquired about formalities to be done for lost ATM card. Here they came to know that 50000 rupees were withdrawn from their ATM card from two ATM machines in Haryana and Kolkata.

When they informed the bank about not receiving any information on their mobiles about withdrawal, bank employees informed them that their bank account had some different mobile numbers. This is where they suspected that the bank employees are party to this fraudulent activity. They also came to know that their bank account had around 9163 rupees left on 15 October but the amount withdrawn from ATM that day was 10 thousand rupees.

As per police, it seems that the bag was stolen somewhere between Udaipur and Kolkata. It is yet to be discovered how the anonymous culprit got the correct PIN. Investigations are on and even the bank management is being interrogated.

Source : bhaskarnews

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