BEWARE-Cyber attacks victimising Udaipur city

BEWARE-Cyber attacks victimising Udaipur city

Beware of e-payments and e-commerce not become a victim...inform police immediately.

BEWARE-Cyber attacks victimising Udaipur city

With the increase online payment system, cyber crime is not far behind. It has been brought to notice that hackers from Haryana and Bihar are active and Udaipur is now their victim. In the last three days, hackers have robbed people of Udaipur through e-payment app. Until now e-payment and e-commerce apps were being considered absolutely safe for online payments.

Cases have been registered in different police stations by restaurant owners and hoteliers of Udaipur who became victims of this cyber attack. 5 such cases have been reported where more than one lakh rupees have been extracted from the accounts of e-payment users. Cyber experts are now scrutinising these cases.

As per cyber expert Shyam Chandel, when the IP addresses and technical details of these hackers were traced it was discovered that these belonged to Haryana and Bihar. All the accounts of these hackers have been opened on fake grounds. Some of the accounts were successfully blocked by cyber experts and money was recovered. Others are still being worked on.

Modus operandi of cyber hackers

These hackers first placed orders for food online. Then they took OTP from the restaurant owners for payments of these orders. After getting OTP from the account holders, they transfered money from the account of the owner into their own accounts.

This may sound shocking, but this is the truth. Public is being robbed through e-payment apps. In case of any such requisite, police must be informed immediately so that cyber experts can take control of the situation.

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