Chemical waste from factories polluting Ayad river

Chemical waste from factories polluting Ayad river

Chemical wastage is polluting Ayad river to a great extent.

Chemical waste from factories polluting Ayad river

Exorbitant amount spent on cleaning Ayad river is going as waste as chemical wastage from factories is polluting the river. Chemical wastage from factories in Kaladwas area is being dumped into Ayad river bed. This wastage is so harmful that the river bed has blackened since the chemicals have burnt up the area.

Administration is not even aware of this situation. As per people living in that area, a huge quantity of chemical waste is being dumped in Ayad river bed. The dry regions of the river bed got burnt due to the effect of chemicals. Even potholes in the river bed which used to have some water earlier are full of this chemical waste now. This toxic waste is not just hazardous for humans but also for animals since they move around in dry river bed in search of food and water and directly come in contact with the poisonous waste.

Crores of rupees were spent on cleaning up the river. With this situation where toxic waste is still going into the river due to negligent people, water in the wells in nearby areas is also getting affected. If this situation continues, drinking water will be a gross issue, secondly Udaisagar will also be threatened by this chemical waste and health is going to be affected to a great extent.

Industrialists need to be notified though the regional officers for pollution control say that they have not received any complaint in this matter. They also said that if someone clearly mentions a factory responsible for this issue, then action will be taken immediately.

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