Child labour act – 15 children rescued

Child labour act – 15 children rescued

Every year children are taken away to Gujarat in the rainy season and make to work in the BT cotton fields.


Child labour act – 15 children rescued

15 children have been rescued by Panarva police. These kids were being taken to Gujarat from Kotda, Udaipur, for the purpose of labour in cotton fields.

Every year children are taken away to Gujarat in the rainy season and make to work in the BT cotton fields. This year once again agents from Jhadol area have become active and are transporting children to Gujarat. Police is yet to take concrete steps in this direction. Panarva police managed to rescue 15 children on Monday evening. There were 5 girls among these. 2 people have been arrested.

Even earlier before the sowing of cotton, 12 children who were being sent to Gujarat as child labour were rescued. Given the stats as per Child Welfare Committee, every 6 months, 50 to 60 children are rescued and sent to Shelter homes. But the disappointing fact is that more than 10 times this number, every year children are being used as child labour in cotton fields of Gujarat. With the advent of monsoon season, the work of sowing BT Cotton commences in Gujarat. From sowing to harvesting, these children are constantly forced to work as child labour for around 5 months.

CSW member Harish Paliwal said that on an average 50-60 children are rescued and a counselling session is held for them. Even the parents are under strict instructions by the Committee. State government provides retribution to such children via court. But first of all right action from police is needed in this matter.

Why child-labour for cotton fields?

Plucking cotton bulbs is an easy task. As per SK Sharma, Zonal Director-Research Directorate MPUT, children can do this work very conveniently. The height of a cotton plant is 4 feet and it starts flowering at 2 feet. It is very easy for the children to do the plucking work because of short height whereas a tall person or an average height person cannot stand comfortably while plucking. A child is paid 100 to 120 rupees per day which is comparatively less than the amount paid to an adult.

As per Kotda CI Amra Ram, police cannot check just every vehicle; they check only when an informer gives news of children being taken away in a particular vehicle. This month itself, police have taken action twice to rescue children.


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