Dumper falls into Madar canal-Driver safe

Dumper falls into Madar canal-Driver safe

A dumper fell into Madar canal.

Dumper falls into Madar canal-Driver safe

A dumper fell into Madar canal on Wednesday in Devali-Neemuch Kheda area.

The land on which the dumper was parked could not bear the heavy load of the sand-filled vehicle and slided. As a result, the dumper fell straight into the Madar canal. It is well known that the sides of the canal have gone weak and cannot take much load. An Innova and a tractor have also fallen in this canal earlier.

The dumper was full of sand when it fell into the canal with water flowing at 2 feet. The inflow of water into the canal had to be stopped in a jiffy by the water resource department to avoid further danger. Driver of the truck moved out safe. Crane had to be called for pulling out the dumper from Madar canal.

There is a no-entry board fixed at Fatehpura near the police station for heavy vehicles. Despite this fact, heavy transport vehicles move unchecked by the police. Even two wheelers are sometimes stopped and enquired about license and relevant papers but heavy vehicles are allowed to pass through without checking most of the time.

Due to rain, the wall of the canal has gone weak and can fall down completely any time. After the dumper fell into it, the inner gate of Chiklawas pickup was closed to stop water inflow into the canal. This will have an effect on the inflow at Fatehsagar. Though entry for heavy vehicles is prohibited from Chiklawas to Fatehsagar and warning sign boards have also been placed, heavy vehicles keep entering the area unhindered.

The edges of Madar canal are weak. Due to population spreading in Badgaon, Devali, Neemach Kheda and Manoharpura area, transportation increased and heavy vehicles also started taking these routes. Earlier only police patrol vehicles or government vehicles used to move around in these areas. Now this road is being used just like any other highway. With the increasing load on the road across the canal, there are chances that someday breakage of the canal wall will lead to disaster if the same situation is not checked for better.

Source : bhaskarnews

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