Electricity towers not as per norms

Electricity towers not as per norms

Municipal Corporation is being negligent in the installation of electricity towers.

Electricity towers not as per norms

leaning power poles

Electricity towers in Udaipur city are not being installed as per norms. As per corporation norms, one sixth part of tower’s height must go deep in ground. The tower is laid down deep and supported by soil and boulders. This becomes a strong foundation for the tower and doesn’t let it fall.

But sources say that the above mentioned norms are not being followed in the city. This is an extremely risky situation. A lot of development works are being done by Municipal Corporation. As part of this development, a number of electricity towers are being installed but sadly they are not following the prescribed format. The base for these towers is not deep enough and it is being prepared with negligible amount of cement and boulders which do not provide the required strength to the towers. Municipal Corporation is not following its own rules and risking lives as well as money.

Recently 2 electricity poles leaned towards one side along with the transformer. People saw this and became alert and even stopped rest of the traffic. Police were informed who called upon the electricity department. At around 15 minutes past 10 at night, electricity was shut down for that area for safety purposes which resumed after an hour. As per news, drainage work is going on in this area. Because of this, the base of transformer and electric poles weakened and made them lean. The poles were straightened by electricity department after an effort of an hour.

The above mentioned negligence is hazardous. If unaware of any such damage at night, people are likely to be electrocuted. Municipal Corporation needs to follow the prescribed norms since electricity issues are not easy to control.

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