Filth at Fatehsagar chowpati-Where has the civic sense gone?

Filth at Fatehsagar chowpati-Where has the civic sense gone?

Keeping the city clean is every individual's duty.

Filth at Fatehsagar chowpati-Where has the civic sense gone?

Fatehsagar, the hot spot of Udaipur city, has gained back its beauty. Public is being drawn into the magnetism of this amazing lake. With water overflowing through the gates, public is thronging the lake side to capture this beauty.

BUT…There is also a disappointing side to the beauty of this lakeside. People have lost their civic sense and are not bothered about cleanliness. Since the public loves the chopwati at lakeside, it is but obvious that the area is overcrowded. The issue here is that a lot of filth is being left at the railings alongside the lake. People carry food items, soft drink cans, coffee cups and water bottles and get seated on the railing to enjoy their munch. After they are done, they leave the packages at the railings. Every day the railing can be seen covered with the plastic and paper products. This is spoiling the beauty of the lake and some of the products even fall into the water resulting in contamination.

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Some people sent images of this filth to UIT Secretary. Lake Patrol team then rushed to Fatehsagar and warned the shopkeepers to assure that the disposables are not left there. If they fail to maintain cleanliness, they will be fined at 2000 rupees each. The point is that is it merely the duty of the shopkeepers to keep the lakesides clean? Why can the public not be alert and dispose the products in the bins provided at the chowpati? Is it that the bins are over loaded with garbage?

All of us need to be alert and be aware of our civic sense. It is the duty of every individual to maintain cleanliness and not blame the others. Let us be aware and maintain the beauty of our city.

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