Flip side of claims regarding illegal mining

Flip side of claims regarding illegal mining

Illegal mining is destroying Udaipur's natural beauty.

Flip side of claims regarding illegal mining

On one hand mining department is claiming that illegal mining has been stopped, there on the other hand hills in and nearby Udaipur are being stripped off their natural beauty.

Supreme Court had laid a compulsory ban on illegal mining in 16 districts of the region as per which Department of Mining claimed that they had stopped all illegal mining. But the flip side is that Udaipur is still being stripped off its natural beauty. Deforestation is still happening; masses of rock are being dug out from the hills which has resulted in the hills looking patchy and ugly.  It may be noted that mining officers pass through these routes almost every day yet no one has taken steps to stop these illegal actions.

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The way hills are being cut is causing the debris to fall on the roads which even obstructs the traffic on roads. Roads get blocked because of the masses of debris and falling rocks and the hills which were supposed to present a beautiful look are not a pleasing sight anymore. The mining department officers still claim that no mining is taking place in the areas near Udaipur like Nathdwara Eklingji route, Delwara etc.

The beauty of Mewar region has been known not only because of the lakes but also because of the Aravali range. BUT if these ranges are not maintained and fall prey to illegal miners, what stories are we going to present to the present and the future generations!! History is going to suffer in the complete absence of the basic natural structures.

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