Fuel prices have gone higher-Public feels the pinch

Fuel prices have gone higher-Public feels the pinch

Petrol and diesel rates are causing a big dent on pockets.

Fuel prices have gone higher-Public feels the pinch

Petrol and diesel prices have risen beyond imagination. Public is devastated with the dent it is causing as inflation has struck every region.

The month of May has seen petrol and diesel prices going high by almost 10 rupees for petrol and almost 12 rupees for diesel. If this is compared to last year’s prices, petrol was at 70.57 rupees per litre and diesel was priced at rupees 61.33, whereas this year petrol prices have gone to 80.22 rupees a litre and diesel is priced at 73.07. With this price hike, public’s pockets are experiencing a dent of almost 2000 rupees per month. Not only fuel, effect of inflation can be seen on other products of daily needs as well. With fuel going expensive, graph of every product of daily use including school bus fare has gone to higher side.

As per marbles dealers, transportation charges have risen upto 15 percent. Diesel is used in mining areas to a great extent. Transportation charges have gone high and marble rates have also increased. A housewife complained that with the price hike in petrol and diesel, charges for school vans and buses have also been raised to the extent of 200 to 300 rupees. This means that if you have more than one kid, your pockets will suffer with the multiplication of this dent.

Even the regular commodities like fruits and vegetables are not untouched by the hike. A rise of almost 25 percent in the rates of fruits and vegetables can be seen which means that daily expenses of a common man are becoming impossible to manage. If the scene continues, all other food items like grains and seeds will also become expensive and since rains affect crops many a times, the prices might be even more unbearable.

Last year it was decided that fuel rates will be decided as per international market. As per this, rates of petrol and diesel changed every day. As compared to last year, fuel prices have gone higher most of the times and public rarely had the chance to breathe a sigh of relief with lowered prices. This is more of a trouble where there are not one but many vehicles in a house.

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