Gandhi ground in shambles post Dussehra

Gandhi ground in shambles post Dussehra

After Dussehra, Gandhi ground is full of dirt and remains of burnt effigies.

Gandhi ground in shambles post Dussehra

Gandhi ground, a stadium for the sports lovers has been left completely ignored after Dussehra. Players are using the ground amidst ashes and dirt scattered everywhere.

Smart city Udaipur enjoyed the sight of burning Ravan and other effigies on the evening of Dussehra on Gandhi ground. Gandhi ground is a stadium where not just sports but other events also take place. Municipal corporation post the festival of Dussehra has completely forgotten all about this stadium and left it dirty.

Burnt wood and ash, burnt out garbage and half burnt wooden poles are lying in the ground. The corporation is now absolutely oblivious of the fact that the stadium is home to hope for many a sportsmen for practising and honing their skills.

Recently, in a district level athletics compete, players had to use the dirty ground during the competition. The participants faced a lot of difficulties while trying to prove their mettle in the ground full of ash and burnt garbage.

4 instead of 8 rows were made for racing competition. The cut down in number of rows took double the time for competition. Remains of burnt effigies, dirt etc. were lying on the running track which had to be removed to create space which was enough only for 4 rows. Health officer of municipal corporation Narendra Shrimali said that the ground would be cleaned on Thursday.

Another pathetic issue has come to light that there was not enough water arrangement for the participants on Gandhi Ground on Wednesday. There were almost 800 players on the ground but only 6 water campers were arranged. The competition went on for around 13 hours and the participants remained thirsty most of the time.

It was also reported that a player was injured during the event and she got nothing to lie down upon, as a result she used bare ground for resting. First aid kit was made available much later.

Source : bhaskarnews

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